Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Morning Shenanigans

This morning included Breckie cleaning the bathroom…

I mean washing her hands. And the mirror. 

And giving me the stare down while soaping up the counter. 

And then she completely flooded the sink and counter which is how she I ended up cleaning the floors too. 

And about an hour before this she and Everett had bagels… with frosting and sprinkles. That was AFTER they already had Lucky Charms and Breckie picked out and ate only the marshmallows. 

According to Everett that makes me #1 mom. 

And the other reason I know I'm #1 mom is because I had to take a picture of Breckie with the bucket stuck around her neck when they were playing in the sandbox... AFTER she was bathed and clean, of course!

The best part is that everything was Breckie's idea. The sick (she pumped her own soap/turned on her own water), the bagels and frosting, and the bucket around her neck. She came to the door crying and I kept hearing her cry echoing in a bucket and wondered what she was doing.

 I'm actually not sure if the bucket was her idea or Everett's…

At that was all before 11. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Put a little hair on Breckie's arms and they'd be twins!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Everett Lately

Everett likes electronics but I'd like for him to play outside… his favorite thing to do in our backyard is play in the mud/dirt. 

So one day I made him a sandbox. It's been nice :)

He's been pretty mean to Breckie… see bottom right...
I hate it. He's usually mean to her when she wants to play with him and his toys but he doesn't want her to. And, of course, there is the random push or trip or hit or squeeze when he thinks I'm not looking. 

He loves legos. 

He is being SO bad at eating food right now. Most nights I have to gear up (mentally) for a battle. So at this point I'm just trying my best to get anything in him besides cereal, tortillas and crackers. He's done this before and hopefully he gets sick of it soon and starts eating a wider variety again. The other day we made pumpkin roll and he really liked that! (It's one of my all time favorites). 

Eating out with Everett and Breckie is like signing yourself up for highway clean up or something. It's ridiculous. On Saturday we had a family outing and we were ready to just leave Everett there!! (I was pretending to take a picture of Everett but really I was taking a picture of those two old guys out for a lunch date. Adorable!)

He is doing really well at school and loves it. He is doing amazing at playing with other kids at the park and making friends. It makes me extra happy because he's been shy for a long time so this is a big deal. And now that he is almost communicating like a typical 4 year old (still maybe slightly behind) it is easier for him to play and make friends. 

He is becoming more independent. He insists on pushing the shopping cart, loading groceries, and REFUSES to let me help bring them in the house. It is so cute!

Don't judge me!! 7 boxes of lucky charms and funfetti does a body good… lol!

Looking back through the years and remembering all of the hard, challenging times and years full of worry, I feel like Everett is in a really good place… I just need to get him to eat food!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Breckie Lately

Most of these pictures don't even require words or explanations… they're just Breckie. 

She's wants to do EVERYTHING Everett does. If I tell Everett to go and put his shoes on for school she'll run to the closet and try and get her shoes on. When we ride scooters she wants to ride too. 

She is sassy. 

She tried on a little eye liner. 

She REALLY wants to do everything we do...

She's pretty much grown out of all of her clothes so she's naked or just diapered most of the time. She pooped in the kid potty once but the big potty is scary and dangerous. We're still far away from being potty trained. She likes to rub food all over herself and in her hair. 

She is naughty. 

She still has a mullet but it's growing… I tortured her and put her hair in pigtails once. They lasted 7 minutes. 

She tells me NO all the time. Loves stuffed animals and blankets. Repeats everything we say. Is totally adorable and we love her guts!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

UV Splash 5K

A friend of mine thought it would be fun to get a group of her friends together and run a 5K for her birthday. It was the UV Splash. 

It was the most gigantic-of-a-mess race I've ever run. We were laughing at how ridiculous it seemed all night. 

First of all, every single runner had the exact same number… lame. It wasn't timed. The course was in a mall parking lot. I'm not even kidding. There were NO bathrooms of any sort. We ran two laps around and through the parking lot and it ended up only being 2.94 miles. 

While you're running they spray you with some watery stuff (in a weed killer pump sprayer) that glows under a black light but just looks like pee in regular light. There were only 250 participants so it didn't seem very legit at all. 

BUT… the face paint was fantastic, the friends were fun, I finished in the top ten, we ate at Applebee's after and didn't get home till 1:30 in the a.m. 

Honestly, it was fun and I'm so glad I went… happy birthday Andrea!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

The weekend after my birthday we took the youth to the Phoenix temple open house. 

The coolest parts of this temple are the oval rooms and the fact that it's super close to my dad and Kelly. I'm glad we were able to go! After the open house we took the youth to see Meet The Mormons. SUCH a good movie/documentary. I absolutely loved it. 

I'm so glad I'm a mormon and so happy to see so many temples being built. I'm especially glad that the Gilbert temple is so close to us because it's definitely my favorite… although the Mesa temple is pretty fantastic too.  

I've been working on my family history a lot lately, too (which is always exciting for me) and so I've been able to do temple work for family names. It's actually so satisfying to find missing people on my family tree. How old am I, lol!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Backpacking Fossil Springs

Now that it's October and starting to cool off a little we have to get out and play before it gets too hot again. The next few months is like our Summer. 

We went with some friends on a overnight, backpacking trip to Fossil Springs. 

It was about a 3 hour drive and then we started hiking. 

I was so excited to go backpacking. I'd never been until now. Luckily Jake had two backpacks and a small tent from his boy scout days. 

After 5 miles we found a great camping spot. Right next to the cleanest, clearest river I've ever seen. 

It was about 5 pm so we decided to go and check out the waterfall. I didn't necessarily plan on jumping that night but decided I couldn't resist! It was COLD.

We could see some dark clouds rolling in and then the brightest rainbow so we decided we better make it back to camp. 

As soon as we got back to camp is starting pouring down rain. Buckets! We all hung out in their tent (since ours was TINY TINY TINY) until the rain stopped. When it did the men cooked us some super gourmet roman noodles in the dark!

We all hung out in the tent for several hours laughing and joking until Jake and I crawled (literally) into our tent. It's SO small! I think it was 3 ft tall and 3 ft wide!

Luckily we woke up to some steam and sunshine!

Jake was wearing a pretty fantastic outfit the next morning… I had to document!

We went back to the waterfall and swam around a bit. We went into a cave that was so cool. There was even a part of the cave (above Dave's head) that Jake and I tried rock climbing. I was actually impressed at how well we did. 

 We did a bit more jumping… 

It took a lot of guts to jump off the waterfall. Not only because it was high but because you had to launch yourself off the top. There was a huge rock at the bottom that stuck out at least 8 ft. Luckily gravity helps. 

That's probably my new favorite picture.

There was a really cool 'toilet bowl' sort of thing to one side of the falls where you swim under the rock and get up in there… or you could jump in. But the water was pretty crazy looking and I didn't want to jump in- but the guys did. 

After swimming for a while and going in another cave that was under one of the waterfalls we decided to hike back to camp for lunch: Tuna, salmon and crackers. 

After lunch we packed up camp and hiked back. The weirdest thing was that the hike was just as hard going out as it was coming in! We all had an amazing time and I seriously loved it so much. Maybe in 12-15 years we'll go back and camp with our kids :)