Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breckie's Mid-day Activities

Breckie and I went to Ikea to buy a pair of $17 curtains for Everett's bedroom… because, as a blogger, the moment you announce something, it immediately changes. Like how I said Everett's room will stay the way it is until he's 20 and then I decided it was just WAY too dark in there so we fixed it. It's so much brighter now. (Pictures to come sometime in the next year, lol.) 

While at IKEA Breckie climbed into every toddler bed and got under the covers (she dreams of having a bed instead of a crib) and then she jumped on the couches in the returned/as-is section:

I can just see my Dad's eyes popping out of his head… BUT I only let her do it for 10 seconds… just long enough to take a picture :) And who could be mad after looking at the second picture of her jumping on the couch? It's priceless!

She's also pretty cute at playing librarian:

But things get a little messy around lunchtime :)

But nap time is always a beautiful time :)

There's also "potty time" but she refuses to be potty trained. I thought maybe we could save some money on diapers... but now we'll just have to buy diapers and pay to clean our carpets. Last week she pooped on the stairs. Awesome. 

And um, well, those are some of the things we do while Everett's off learning how to read and do math!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rowdy River

Jake and I thought taking the kids to the river after church would be a good Sunday activity.

I guess the rest of the Valley thought it'd be a good idea too… so it was more like a Saturday… south of the border... complete with BBQ's and boom-boxes. 

But we still enjoyed it a little… and we managed to make Breckie look like a boy with a dirt mustache :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vintage & Car Themed Little Boy Room

Honestly, it seems silly that I'm blogging about Everett's room for the hundredth time, but it's kind-of fun for me to look back through my blog and see how I decorated previous rooms and houses… so here you have the final version of Everett's room (until he tells me he hates it or we move). 

Last year while the kids and I were in Washington for 8 weeks, I put Jake to work. I had him do the paneling on the wall… it's sad that I'm just now posting pictures of it since it's been done for nearly a year.


I didn't hate his room before but it just wasn't "done" looking. But I had to do something so it wouldn't look like a girls room forever. This is when we first moved in:

I re-painted the rest of his room (besides his window wall) the same navy blue color that was on his closet wall. 


About a year and a half ago, a friend gave us a bunch of old barn wood. It came in handy big time :) The sign above his bed is one what we found on my Dad's property. Personally, I think it's really, really cool…. and he was more than happy to get rid of it :) We mounted it on a piece of barn wood (that we didn't have to cut) so every edge is naturally worn like that. 

*Here's a better view of the barn door style paneling Jake did. 

There was a super thick piece of wood that we were given and we were told that the horses would 'chew' on it… we cut it and made two shelves for his room. Luckily the cut ends face the wall so you can't even see them. 

The old oil can and orange car are true vintage finds. 

There are old Reader's Digest books turned backwards, two sets of Jake's mission scriptures, a picture we bought in Australia, my Dad's old license plate, a 'no littering' sign we found on the side of the road, and some truly vintage bumper stickers on his shelf. 

More Reader's Digest books are on his dresser with an farm truck from Hobby Lobby and the tractor was something we were able to have from my grandma's things after she passed away. It feels old but I can't really say if it is or isn't. 

The letters that are sitting on his bed are from the previous decorations. I painted them green and added a page from an atlas… keeping with his car/vintage theme. 

The rest of the atlas (plus two more, lol) I used to wallpaper his closet. 

There are old-looking planes, license plates, and a few road signs we've found laying on the side of the road. I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for fallen signs… it's the only thing I enjoy about road trips these days!

I used to feel bad that I chose how to decorate his room (I did choose the theme before he could talk though…) but I don't feel bad anymore because the other day he took the liberty to decorate his room with his favorite things. 

X-box controllers, games, and 3 rescue bots:

Lego city police station, Thomas trains, and 'heatwave':

The batcave, joker house, and monster truck:

This paw patrol toys and the bat mobile. 

At least we all know his favorite toys now :)

So… I love his room and this is my favorite version of his room that I've decorated so far. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Whole Years

Back in June, we celebrated a little milestone in our lives… it's dumb… but we've successfully lived in the same house for 2 whole years. Mind blowing, I know. But for us it's kind-of a big deal. 

It looks a little different than it did two years ago:

We haven't painted the exterior (just a difference in lighting in the pictures) but the more recent pictures give a better idea of the color. 

It's fun to see how the trees and bushes have grown. A few months ago I planted 10 new (flowering) bushes in the front yard and planted two vine-like plants in the pots on our front porch. They make the biggest difference… I LOVE driving up to my house!

Even though we've lived here for a little over two years now, we both still feel like we're almost moved in. We're still re-arranging and moving things room-to-room and we almost have things in their places. Our spare room/office is FULL of stuff we are craigslisting and piling up for a massive garage sale. 

It feels so good to get rid of stuff and not be saving it just in case it will work in our next house :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Night at "Camp"

We were seriously so lucky to have made it back to WA (from Tayne's farm in OR) in under three hours…. which meant we still had time to play Saturday night!

How did our kids get so lucky to have grandparents that play on the trampoline!?

We played until it was dark and then roasted s'mores one last time. We found the sparklers that didn't get used the night of the wedding so we had some fun... and some serious laughs!

This is one of Everett's:

Look at how HUGE my right arm is!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!

Everett again:

My only good one:

This was Jake's masterpiece, lol:

Michael's first (and only) attempt at the United States. Pretty amazing!!

We had a lot of fun and then stayed up way late packing. 

In the morning the Berners drove us the three hours to Bellingham and then turned around and drove home. They're pretty amazing people. 

The flight home was fine. (Which means mildly torturous.) 

Jake was Super Dad and took care of the kids the entire flight while I sat across the aisle next to a young mom and her baby that slept or smiled THE ENTIRE 3.5 HOURS!!! Why couldn't we have gotten that kid?!?!

When it was all said and done, we are SO glad we made the trip. Traveling with (our) young kids  Breckie is never easy, but this time it was definitely worth it!