Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday Shopper

Breckie and I made a special trip to Target just to figure out what she wants for her birthday (IN TWO WEEKS!!!!).

Breckie plays with anything and everything. She know all of Everett's rescue bots names and paw patrol pup names and can even name some of his movies but she doesn't really have any special toys of her own. 

She has always loved stuffed animals. Everett has some large stuffed friends but she doesn't… so maybe we'll have to change that in a few weeks ;)

And then there was this doll jeep. She was in love and she couldn't have been more cute about it. We literally walked around Target for over an hour just like this:

Getting her to put it back on the shelf was no little feat. It involved distracting her with another toy and then trying to secretly put that toy back and it was disaster. But at least I know what she really wants for her birthday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Grammy's Visit

My mom came to visit us for a few days and now two very special little people miss her a whole lot!

Maybe because she brought them games and bought them clothes and took them out to eat and jumped on the trampoline with them and bought them toys… but it's probably just because they love her and love spending time with their grandparents. (It's the truth, they talk about all of the grandparents pretty much equally)

One morning we went to Kneaders for all you can eat french toast. Y.U.M.

That afternoon we went to Schnepf farms to see the baby goats again and ride the train. 

Everett was especially excited to ride the train. We ran into a few more friends at the farm so he got to sit with two of his little guy friends at the very front of the train, right behind the conductor. He loved it. 

That night we went The Olive Mill for dinner (olive tree orchard with a delicious deli/restaurant). We had pizza and pasta and other fancy appetizers and 3 cupcakes, 2 cookies, and a canoli… all without Jake because he had to work late. 

It was delicious. And it was warm out so we sat at a picnic table under the trees with lights strung all around. It was great (minus the mosquito bites!!)

That was only the second time I'd been there and is was totally fantastic for the second time. Plus, I noticed that they have vanilla bean waffles for breakfast and I can only assume they're kind of like the Waffle Window (I really, really, really hope so at least!!) so I'm sure we'll go back soon to have some :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cool Hand Luke

I have been absolutely horrible about taking nice pictures lately. I've also been bad about documenting the cool things we've done to our house. But I'll get there. Maybe. Right after I get Everett signed up for kindergarten!

But I kind-of took (crappy) pictures of Valentines day :)

We made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. 

Jake made be the coolest card and gave me some cool stuff. He really is the greatest!

Jake is a financial advisor and works with a lot of older people and one old guy was especially pleased with Jake and told Jake's secretary that Jake was a "cool hand luke." We had to google it since it was before our time… it's a movie from 1967… I'm not sure what it's about but from the google images it seems to be a compliment :)

So I made him a cool hand luke Valentines card and got him a 4 pack of the ginger beer we loved so much from Australia (thank you world market!). 

Everett had a party at his brand new preschool (as of last week!!!) so we made some cute valentines to pass out and he wrote his name on the back of all of them. 

They made a few crafts at school and he came back with a bag full of treats and valentines toys. 

(this was literally one fifth of what he got)

Breckie had a lot of fun stealing from his treat bag when he wasn't looking. 


The night before Valentines day we went to see Big Hero 6 at the dollar theater. It was SOOO hot in the theater and about half way through Breckie puked. She is such a punk. She hasn't' puked in 5 months but luckily I caught it all in my jacket… that I wasn't wearing since the theater was at least 80 degrees. 

After the movie Everett said that he didn't like it. On the way home he asked if we could buy it and now he won't stop asking us for it to come in the mail (once, we bought Chance of Meatball from Amazon because we couldn't find it in the store and now he thinks all movies should magically arrive in the mailbox).

So that's how we celebrated Valentine's Day :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coolest (Girl) Kid Award

There will never be enough pictures of Breckie!

She's just way too cool for that!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Parsons Trail

We went hiking with the Bakers on Saturday. They planned everything and we just went. The best kind of Saturday trip!

We drove about 3 hours to Cottonwood. It was kind-of in the general direction of the waterfall hike we did in October. 

Jake and I are notorious for being ill-prepared at times and this was one of them! Like… we forgot to pack diapers and wipes, Breckie is wearing a 9 month onesie with no change of clothes, we brought snacks but not lunch, ONE bottle of milk that she drank on the drive there...

But despite our juvenile packing skills, the day turned out amazing. The hike was fun and mostly in the shade, Everett walked 90% of it (this completely blew our minds!), Breckie loved the backpack, Everett was the first to play in the water (total shocker again), and we just had a really good time. 

(The Bakers)

Afterwards, we drove to Jerome, which is a completely adorable ghost town literally built on a mountain. It was seriously the coolest town ever. We went to an old mine that had tours but we got there just 30 minutes before they closed so we decided that we'd just have to come another weekend when it's extra hot at home for a nice, cool escape. 

Later we ate dinner and a cute little diner but our kids were done for the night and were pretty tired. Like drop-a-french-fry-and-have-a-meltdown tired. I through Jake might die. 

Everett slept on the way home but we got to listen to Breckie say: "me oooooooout" most of the way home. 

Even though we were a little unprepared in the beginning, everything worked out perfectly. We had found diapers and wipes in the car and the Bakers fed us lots of their lunch and we stopped and got Breckie milk on the way home. It was borderline a perfect family outing. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Duck Rock

We had some stale bread (and we were bored out of our minds last Tuesday) so we went to feed it to the ducks. 

It was super entertaining to watch the kids throw bread at the ducks and talk to them. We were wishing we'd had more stale bread!

We rode scooters around for a while and then found ourselves climbing the rocks.

Everett actually carried his scooter to the top of that rock. I asked him what he planned on doing with his scooter and he just smiled at me. Lol, so he settled for jumping off the rock instead.