Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baby Smiles

Somedays we just hung out. Like the Saturday I went for a 4 mile run and just about died doing it. 

I really loved being able to exercise outdoors... and the kids really loved the pets. This little girl loves her kitties. 

Roxy also started to smile on that Saturday. 

And when she wasn't smiling she tried on other cute expressions :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mineral Pond

My mom had told me about the mineral springs pond before but I had never gone... so we decided we better go.

The mineral pond was a pretty big, shallow, clear, soot-y/muddy, beautiful pond fed by a spring (or so I gathered). PERFECT for kids and just lounging on your inflatables. 

My mom had an inflatable paddle board which was a big hit. 

Here I am paddling around:

BAHAHAHAHAHA, just kidding! That's not me!! Smash Bridget down a foot and then there's me in all my post-baby-body glory

Roxy was a doll and just slept in her carseat on the shore. 

I love being outside and I love being surrounded by natural beauty so it was a total win. 

We all hurried home just in time to shower and make it to Bridget's senior picture slideshow. We got to preview her senior pictures and narrow them down to the super, super favorites and the ones to print and send out. 

She's gorgeous and her senior pictures could very well be in some sort of modeling magazine or something. They were stupid good. 

So, being the short, not-so-beauty-queen-looking sister... I went and ate some nachos to help me feel better. 

But really, it was dinnertime and we were hungry so we went back to Zia's Taqueria and this time I had the nachos :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zia Santa Rita

There was a new park in town so we went to check it out. 

But it looked like much more fun than we were actually having. And it was hot. We had our scooters though and the river walk was right behind the park, so we walked to Zia's Taqueria for lunch.

On the walk back, we stopped and played in the river for a bit. It ended up being a highlight of the day. 

We skipped rocks (I'm pretty sure Braxton skipped one like 7 times!), played in the water, and the kids even started giving themselves mud baths. 

That evening, my mom, Bridget, and I played tennis while Roxy yelled at us from her carseat. That girl was grumpy every night... but we still managed to have a good time... obviously!

It was another successful day in Colorado.