Sunday, August 21, 2016

Effie & Josh Get Married.

24 days after she got home from her mission... she gets married!

She's gorgeous!!!!!!!

They were married in the San Antonio temple on August 6th. We couldn't make it but I hear they're having a ring ceremony in November... so hopefully we can make it for that!

I'm glad we were able to see her in Colorado...

...and they actually made it out to AZ before they got married too! They flew to CA to pick up an airplane for Josh's boss and made a super-quick overnight pitstop to see us. It was nice to see them... especially since Everett idolizes his Aunt Effie :)

We're so happy for them and that they're finally together, happy and married!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Salt River Swimming

When we got back from Mexico we took Pam and April to the river so they could experience at least one beautiful thing about AZ in the Summer :)

We were there a few minutes before the sun went behind the mountains and it was so pretty. There were even wild horses. 

We walked up and floated down a little part of the river a few times but mostly enjoyed being outside without melting!

Everett really wanted to climb the big rock out in the river, and with a lot of supervision, he did it and was so proud of himself!

I think everyone enjoyed the river... they were probably just so happy to get out of the house!

We're so grateful/thankful/happy that Pam and April came to AZ to spend time with our kids and let us go on a trip. April even missed her first wedding anniversary to help us out! Hopefully next time they can come in February or March before it's too hot :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

3 Months of Goodness

Baby Roxy, you are just the best. 

Everyone loves you and you seem to love everyone back. 

No laughs yet... just big, goofy, open-mouth smiles. And some cute gurgling. 

We are in no rush for you to grow up.

You are perfect and I'm so thankful I get to be you mama!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last Day in Mexico

Our last day in Mexico was the easiest. 

With a view like this, what could be better?

Wait, now it's better :)

Our last morning we swam one last time and enjoyed the pool to ourselves. It's kind-of hard to just hang out in the pool forever when you don't have kids to throw in the air or throw pennies for them to dive for. We almost had to get used to not having kids. We did miss them and are so grateful that we have them!!

But it WAS super fun to hang out just the two of us!! 

We drove through town to the grocery store to pick up some extra water for the drive home. We had watched an edited version of 127 Hours (the movie where the guy cuts his arm off) and decided that we better have extra water driving through the desert :)

Going to the grocery store was one of the highlights of the trip for me! Everything was so colorful!

We ended up buying lots of cookies, chocolate, nuts, and drinks to share with the family back home but we ended up opening up half of it on the way. I opened the vanilla wafers and found a little bug in there :)

Once I got used to Mexico and the people, I had a lot of fun. It's (obviously!) a different country and culture and it's safe to say that I went through a little shock and it pulled at my heart strings a lot more than I expected. I had been there before, but going back as an adult was very different. 

Once we got back into Arizona, and especially once we drove through the first Arizona town, it was like everything was so new and nice and clean... even though on the way to Mexico it seemed a little run down!

I have ALWAYS been grateful to be an American, but more so now than ever before!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kite Boarding In Mexico

Jake has had this dream of kiteboarding for a long time. As long as I've known him plus a couple of years. He said he saw it in a magazine once when he was getting his hair cut and ever since then he's wanted to get into the sport. 

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, our ten year anniversary trip was essentially an excuse to find water and practice :) And I'm totally cool with it. He had to plan a bunch of stuff for us to get away for the weekend. I literally did nothing except come along for the fun!

Jake headed to the beach first thing in the morning. 

It was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to be ideal conditions again so he didn't try and force it... he had a back up plan... but first, he had to play a little. 

In all of the time Jake has been obsessing researching about kiteboarding, he found that all of the kite boarding videos are from the same beach in Rocky Point. We just had to find the beach. 

Luckily we found it. We took the long way out there, but it was pretty!

When we got there, he geared up and got right in the water. I kind-of had to be his coach mom about it and tell him he needed to fly the kite on land and do body drags before he tried to kite board in the ocean. 

He was getting better and more confident each time. When he got to the other end of the beach he'd have to walk his kite back so he could do it again. 

After a few hours he was up on the board! Just like a dream come true...

He had tons of fun and was totally pumped. 

I pretty much ran around taking pictures of him, finding sea shells to bring home to our kids, and eventually flew the kite for myself (on land). 

We were both tired and ready to get out of the sun and I really wanted to go back downtown to see if I could get some pictures of what it was like... 

But I quickly realized that this is where these people live... and they were home, watching me take pictures of their houses... I didn't get all of the pictures that I wanted, but enough to remember the feeling. Like when we bought pina coladas from the fly-infested trailer while Jake talked Spanish to the guys and when they asked him where he learned Spanish and he said Costa Rica and they said, "oh, you must be Mormon" (in Spanish... I could at least pick that up :) 

I could tell Jake was ready to pass out of hunger. I wanted to stop and get some real Mexican street tacos, but I was more interested in not getting diarrhea, so we headed back to the hotel for dinner and ate by the pool. 

There was a family there from Oregon, all white with red sunburns everywhere... wearing their Chacos with Crater Lake (and other) stickers all over their Subaru and it made me smile. Like a big, big smile. 

Our second day in Mexico was much better than the first.