Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We found two scorpions in our house last week. 

I found a small one in our dining room while sweeping and then Jake found one upstairs in our bathroom... just "walking" across the tile. 

This is totally comforting... especially since we already have a professional spray for bugs and scorpions regularly AND we have a baby that hangs out on the floor sometimes. 


Monday, September 26, 2016

BOM In 60 Days

I am one of Everett's primary teachers in church. And this year the theme was about scriptures. All of the teachers were challenged to read the Book of Mormon before the primary program... which was about 60 days away. 

I finished last week. 

The program was yesterday in church. It was perfect. It's the best Sunday all year and I was lucky enough to get to sit up on the stand with them and feel a double dose of the Spirit. I teared up several times but managed to keep it together :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sneezy and Snooty

I spent all last week blowing my nose. 

Ugh, the sneezing!
It was like I was achooing my tonsils out. 
And it felt like sand was coming from my lungs out my mouth.

But prior to all that I went mountain biking Monday morning. 

We all share the same trails. The horse riders are generally the least friendly... and women in general aren't incredibly friendly... so I may have thought a few curse words in my head when I slowed WAY down, moved WAAAY to the edge of the trail, and said good morning as I passed 3 women on  horseback and they didn't even acknowledge me. Not a word, head nod, wave... nothin'. 

Sometimes I am dumbfounded at how unfriendly middle-aged women can be. 

But I turn 30 in a few weeks so maybe then I will understand ;)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Roxy Roo

Roxy is 4 months old. She's also covered in a super dry-skin type of rash. I think it's because she spits up or gets sweaty at night... so it's basically diaper rash all over her body. In her elbow creases and behind her knees, all over her tummy and back, and the worst under her chin/neck. She wears about 5 outfits a day to keep her clean and dry. Because she's ALWAYS spitting up. 

And I think she currently has a double ear infection. For a baby that hasn't reached for a toy yet, it's pretty obvious that they hurt when she grabs them. 

She loves sucking her thumb. And her hands. You can see the raw/redness on her other hand even. 

She a big fan of stroller rides, car rides, getting out of the house, and not staying still. She's not a fan of pictures. She really doesn't smile a ton either. I guess I wouldn't really be smiling if I were covered in a rash and my ears hurt. We're definitely headed to the doctor :)

It's common for people to tell us that our kids don't look like each other. And it's true. Everett and Breckie barely look like siblings and then here comes Roxy not really resembling either of them. 

She's totally the family baby though. I'm so glad she's ours!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Day In My Life

September 13th. 

Mountain biking. 6:11 am

6:22 am

Riding scooters with a friend + petting neighborhood cats 8:31 am

Playing toys with Breckie 12:51 pm

Playing toys with Roxy 2:20 pm

Picking up the boys (Everett + Rhett) from school and going to the park on a treasure of a cloudy day. Still wicked hot! 3:24 pm

Enjoying these kids. All the time. 

Not pictured: homework (pouting & whining), cooking dinner (chaos), bedtime (ugh. worst time of my life). 

Bonus: the night before and the next morning. 

Everyday is a little different (thank goodness!) but the structure stays much the same :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Preschool Dropout

Breckie decided she was all done with school. She almost made it through August before she decided she was done. Now we just hang out all day. We mostly like to do things that revolve around pink or purple :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Car Naps

Anytime I drive somewhere...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Pictures With Papa

My dad had been visiting while we were taking Breckie's pictures so we got a few of him and his grandkids :)

Oh man, what a good picture!

If only we were color-coordinating!... and not holding sticks and bud light caps. But its fun to see us all in one picture. I love it!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Breckie's 3.5 Pictures

These pictures will forever be a reminder of how much Jake loves me. 

I've been looking forward to taking Breckie's 3.5 year old pictures for a while now. She's so fun and beautiful and I couldn't wait to capture some of it. 

Once I got the whole family ready, picked up Jake from work, and drove to the Salt River I was ready to throw my camera (and myself in the river). 

I wondered why I even went through so much trouble to document my children's growth, personality, and beauty. Why I suffered so much to have this hobby!

  After school Everett had complained about doing his homework for 40 whole minutes before we even got into the car, complained about how far the river was, it was hot, Roxy had cried all day, Breckie had fallen asleep on the way and woke up not in the mood for pictures...

The first picture I took of Breckie is a sad, pouty face.  

But Jake saved the day, made Breckie happy (they were searching for ants to smash!) and I was able to take some of my favorite pictures of Breckie :)

She's funny and goofy, her giggle will melt your heart, tolerates having a big brother, she's strong and athletic but girly and likes to play princesses with her girl friends. 

She is fun and happy and sometimes super naughty. If you're going somewhere, she wants to come with :)

She's everything a 3.5 year old little girl should be.