Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lego Store

Our last morning in CA was a hot one. Actually the day before was super hot too. We stopped by Downtown Disney to check out some shops but mostly stayed at the Lego store. 

The Lego creations were super cool. Plus, you could build a car and they'd race it for you. I think Everett built 4 cars. He was lucky enough to win once. 

Then the way home was it's own kind of torture. 

Our air-conditioning went out. We took a toll-only freeway on accident. Roxy cried for 3 hours. And there was road construction. 

But we made it home :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Turning 30

Our last day of Disneyland was my birthday. 

We got to go early and play for a few hours before we went back to get the rest of the fam. We rode as many as the rides as we could and we got to just walk right on to a few of them. 

After eating the biggest, most delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwiches that Pam made, we headed back to Disneyland. I got a birthday button and the kids got a 1st visit button too :) 

As soon as we walked into disneyland, the parade started. 

It was great... until it was over. Then 40 billion people were all headed in the same direction... to the rides. 

We went to Autopia (because we finally got smart and downloaded the disneyland app that tells you wait times for rides) and it was supposed to be a 15 min wait... like 35 minutes later we got on the cars.

Everett was adamant that he DID NOT want to drive the car, that it'd be scary. But I'm a mean mom and made him and he loved it. 

When the ride was over he started pouting because the ride "wasn't fun" but he is a fibber and a chronic pouter because clearly he had fun. 

 I also forced them to go on the small world ride. 

Jake almost got his arm cut off while taking our selfie. No selfie sticks or arms allowed at disneyland :) I also made everyone go on the storybook ride. 

We went on two last rides before they closed down Disneyland for normal people and then it became "Mickey's halloween party" (basically you pay 60 extra bucks to wear your costume, trick-or-treat, and ride rides). 

Did I already mention that it was crowded beyond belief?? I'm pretty sure it was the entire state of AZ plus half of CA. And then when Disneyland closed, we all ended up at California Adventure. 

Luckily we had tickets to the world of color (or something like that) show. It was super cool. I ate dinner (a double scoop of mint chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream in a Ghirardelli chocolate dipped waffle cone) while watching the show so it was extra cool :)

We stayed until the park closed and then slept for the last time in our cute townhouse.  It was a super fun birthday and I'd like to just keep turning 30 from now on :)