Monday, February 1, 2016

The Pink Car

Just like old times :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

75 and Sunny

Yesterday was so dreamy I almost feel guilty talking about it. 

It was 75 degrees and sunny. It was sooo perfect. Jake was framing in the loft (to make it baby sister's bedroom) and the kids were watching Minions… so I went on a hike. It was like the happiest day of my life :)

Later we went to the farm just to soak up as much of a good day as possible. I'll be crying for days like this when it's October and it's STILL 100 degrees... for the 7th month in a row.

We'll be enjoying as much of the good weather as we can because before long, we'll have to be covered in water if we want to be outside!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Food Truck Friday

The Millers asked us if we wanted to go to the food trucks with them on friday night. It sounded like a good idea...

Jake and I were experiencing sensory overload, lol!

There was super loud music, like 30 food trucks to choose from, vendors, people everywhere, and it was dark. 

Maybe next time we'll eat at home and then just go for dessert… ice cream and cotton candy seem easier to eat in the dark than a loaded chicago dog in a soggy bun because you're trying to corral your kids and get everyone situated in the dirt…

Did I paint a good enough picture of our experience for you??

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Breckie's New Shoes

Breckie has been living in flip flops and boots for the past year. I figured it was time to get her a pair of shoes :) And the best part?? She's been able to put on her own footwear for almost a whole year and these shoes won't be an exception!! Mom's get excited about things like this… especially pregnant moms… 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I love plugging in Jake's phone and seeing these kinds of treasures :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inside Out & Sideways

After have a little boy who STILL wants/needs me to do EVERYTHING for him it's super amazing to have a little girl who is so independent and does everything by herself. She's fully potty trained (morning and night) gets herself dressed, gets her own snacks, puts on her shoes, buckles herself into her carseat, etc. I love how independent she is and sometimes we get a good laugh out of it too… like when she puts on her own undies. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Fast As Flash

I went hiking on Saturday all by myself… it was a total spur of the moment kind-of thing… so I was wearing my Flash T-shirt. I felt so silly wearing a little boys' shirt from Old Navy while pregnant… but I did pass two people on the way up and 6 people on the way down so maybe it wasn't so silly to wear the shirt after all :)

Plus the sunshine was amazing and the temperature perfect. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Baby Sister

Jake and I found out we were have a girl a few days before Christmas. We were both so deeply happy and excited when we found out. 

Everett and Breckie didn't know we were pregnant, so on Christmas we wrapped a pink newborn onesie and a whole string of ultrasound pictures. When they opened it Everett seemed a little confused and Breckie says, "Hey, that's mine!" about the little pink onesie. 

But they seem to both be really excited and I'm really glad Jake and I waited until we knew the gender to tell them so they didn't have any wants or wishes for the baby's gender. Breckie told me that she's going to tell Baby Sister all about Christmas when she comes and Breckie is also under the impression that Baby Sister will bring us a fish when she's born??? I guess we better bring a baby and a fish home from the hospital in May. 

Everett (totally unprompted) drew our family and our house on the first page in his new notebook. It's Everett, Me, Baby Sister, Breckie, and then Jake. He is such a little sweetheart!

They are both excited and happy to be getting another sibling. I know I am :)

Jake is a little worried about being outnumbered (2 parents/3 kids)… so am I :) But we'll learn to make it work and survive. For now, we are working on converting the playloft into a bedroom for our last little princess. I have 18 weeks left so it gives me something to look forward to!

*PS, Jake and I, along with many family members all thought we were having a boy. I even had a name picked out and boy nursery ideas in mind. From the minute Breckie was born I knew that I'd want her to grow up with a sister. Not that it's up to me or that I could plan or guarantee any of this, but the fact that we're going to have another baby AND it's a girl is such a wish come true. I'm super happy about it!                      

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Single Shot 22

 One Christmas, too long ago, my dad gave me my first real gun. He either bought it from or traded my Papa for it. It's the cutest little gun I've ever seen and now Everett is big enough to shoot it.

Jake and Everett went out on Saturday with some other guys (and boys) to shoot. Jake said that Everett LOVED launching the clay pigeons and he even shot a pop can with the 22. He'd been practicing with his Nerf guns, lol :)

They both had a really good time (add in a QT stop, a slushy, and a diet coke later) and they had a great time. 

Breckie and I stayed home, painted our nails, and went on a scooter/bike ride. Total win for a Saturday!