Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frozen Karaoke

Not that you need 10 pictures of two little best friends playing and singing... but they are all so cute for one reason or another and so here are all 10 pictures :)

These two are the best!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Grammys At The Zoo

My mom and Grandma came for a visit the first week of Spring break. 

It was a good visit. Jake and I went out twice. Two nights in a row... so it was more like a GREAT visit!!

One of those days we went to the zoo. We weren't very speedy about it so we only got halfway (or less) through the zoo before we were too hot and ready to go home. 

Roxy LOVED eating a whole pickle and playing at the splash pad. She seriously had a blast. Luckily Grammy followed her around so she didn't get trampled by the other crazies. 

A blue ICEE was also enjoyed by all. 

This is my only creature picture :)

When we first got into the zoo a fellow zoo-goer asked if we'd like to have her two tickets for the carousel. Um yes, I said! It was a great way to end our day at the zoo. 

Everyone had an enjoyable visit... 

We will miss Grammy and Great Grammy until their next visit!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

10 Months, 3.5 Teeth

I know that February is the shortest month, but it felt like it went by even quicker than usual. I swear I was just blogging about Roxy being 9 months old just last week and now she's 10 months!

It's good though. There is never a dull moment with Roxy. She needs to be entertained constantly. 

And not "baby entertained" either. She's like a 2.5 year-old stuck in a baby's body. 

She likes to scream. Only sucks her thumb when she's SUPER tired and trying to fall asleep. 

They call her the tornado at the gym. We call her The Beast. 

She can stand up on her own and can balance for a second or two without holding on to something. She's claiming her spot as the baby of the family and still wakes up at night. 

Life is insane with Roxy but it was never complete without her!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good Weather Selfies

The magical weather is gone so I'm guessing the "we're outside and we love it" selfies will stop. 

It was great while it lasted. 

The good weather isn't totally gone... we still get a couple hours in the mornings but it's in the 90's already. 

But it was me who convinced Jake to move us here and establish ourselves so I'm just going to have to re-learn to love it :) 

Were going to need a pool. 

And lots and lots of shade. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

"About the Worst Stores" by Everett

Everett is on Spring Break now but this last quarter he learned about the earth, minerals, rocks, lava etc. For his cottage night the class put on their fake guitars and sang us songs about those things. It was cute :) One of the songs was to the tune Adams Family but they sang, "layers of the earth" (snap snap) "layers of the earth" (snap snap). 

While we were there looking at his work/projects (with 70 other people πŸ˜…) I got to take a peek in his writing journal. 

I'm glad I did... because I found the best story ever. 

This story takes Everett's awesomeness to a whole other level!

It is SO him. Whining that there aren't any "kid" toys, there isn't anything to do, no iPad no phone, whining that he doesn't get "enething" and the fact that he wrote "I forgot something" at the top of one page is just the best. He's quoting me, no doubt. 

He's impossible to make happy, the whiniest kid on the planet, and he writes honest and funny stories about it :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Breckie's Unicorn Party

Breckie turned 4 today🎈

She wanted a unicorn cake with a unicorn party and a unicorn piΓ±ata. 

So that's exactly what we did. 

I can hardly handle how much I love this family picture. 

I think Jake and I were laughing at how dumb we are for throwing a party πŸ˜†

Breckie invited 5 friends. 

They made rainbow necklaces first :)

We played a few games but it was like chaos because two of the friends brought a friend (plus Roxy) and crying from 3 kids... so Breckie opened presents and then we beat up "Uni" until she pooped out candy for all the kids to fight and cry over πŸ˜† 

After that, Jake and I were like, "lets get this party over with" so we went straight for the cake. 

Breckie told us we were all going to sing Happy Birthday to her and that she wasn't going to sing πŸ˜‚ and then she said she wasn't going to blow out the candle... SOOOOO glad she's extra high maintenance already 😳

So Claire blew out the candle and we cut into the 6-layer rainbow unicorn cake.

One kid kept licking the frosting off the big cake instead of the piece on her plate and then one needed milk and then they were all thirsty and Jake and I were like "are we done yet?!?"

One kid wanted to go home after cake and we send one home because they were the definition of trouble and one had to leave early... and then the kids that were left played and jumped and laughed in the backyard and it made the whole party worth it. 

Plus Breckie will probably only remember the highlights and how she had a unicorn party with a unicorn cake and her friends gave her presents and played. 

Tonight, after we tucked the kids in bed, I said, "we didn't win today, did we!?" and Jake said, "No, not at all..."

But Breckie did and that's all that matters!

And the party wasn't really that bad but it was like sensory overload for Jake and I with 10 little humans in our house all making noise and needing something and I'm pretty sure Jake whispered to me "I'm so glad we're done having kids" while they were eating cake 😊