Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby "Dotes" & Kids

Jake has been working SOOOO much lately. It's exhausting. 
Everett doesn't have preschool anymore
I have parental ADD, which
We HAVE to get out of the house or I get "stay-at-home" depression. 

So Saturday afternoon I took the kids to Schnepf farms. I didn't know what we were going to do but it's free so we just went. And it's 5 minutes from our house. 

Turns out the goats just had a bunch of kids :)

Now, I'm not really an animal lover. At all.

I know, I know. 

I just don't speak "animal" and neither do my kids. We're just kind-of afraid of them for no good reason. 

But we tried our best and by the time we left we actually enjoyed ourselves!

LOOK! Breckie even touched it! The first time I asked her to touch one she kind-of punched it.

The kids were so cute. All of them!

Everett went back in a few times and each time he worked up a little bit more courage and then I told him I'd give him a quarter if he held one :)

My heart almost exploded!!!!!

He was so cute and so brave and I was SO PROUD of him. 

He wants me to print out the picture so he can have it in his room!

We also checked out the ginormous cow:

and "horsie"


And the sheep. The ewes were kind of mean to their babies… maybe that's how it's done in nature. Perhaps this is why I don't speak "animal"… I just love my babies too much to be mean to them!

About twenty minutes into our petting zoo shenanigans a birthday party comes strolling by and starts jumping on the air pillows. The staff said we could join the fun!

We got so lucky and had such a fun time at the farm. We have yet to ride the train but I have a feeling we'll be back to ride it before it starts to get too hot. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Her Frozen Yogurt

How many times must I post the same thing, right?! Well, if it's cute every time then…

We went to Ikea and Breckie found herself a bed and made herself right at home :)

And rocked on the rocking moose and sat in nearly every chair...

And then the frozen yogurt. A trip to Ikea without getting frozen yogurt is like going to the grocery story and leaving without buying groceries. 

I can't help myself but to take hundreds pictures of Breckie while she eats the frozen yogurt.

She kills me!! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Story Time Success

I took these two to story time the other day… for the second time ever. 

Ever, ever. 

Everett hated the one time I took him before Breckie was born and has never participated in group activities (think: parks and rec, etc…) but now that he isn't in preschool anymore I'm desperate to get him out of the house. 

So story time we went. 

It was actually a huge success!

He participated and listened to the stories and sang the songs and did the craft and I. WAS. SO. PROUD!!

He has matured so nicely the last two years and it makes my heart so happy. 

And my little Breckie was cute… just sat there and played with her name tag like the kid next to her. I swear she'd lick the bottom of her shoe is the kid next to her did!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breckie and Her Shoes

Ninety percent of the time our bathroom is a complete disaster. It's because Breckie plays in there while I shower and get dressed and ready. She doesn't play with toys in the bathroom… but with bathroom stuff and my shoes. She LOVES to play with my shoes and is always bringing me a pair to put on while I do my makeup. 

There are even times when I'll find Breckie in my closet alone, just trying on shoes. I seriously love everything about this little girl!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Orange Yogurt

One of Everett's favorite things to eat is orange creme yogurt. It's pretty much ice cream "yogurt". So, naturally, Breckie loves it too.  In fact, there isn't a time when one is eating orange yogurt without the other.

Breckie is (finally) starting to master the spoon. It's cute… and nice that she doesn't scoop up yogurt and applesauce with her fingers anymore. 

But even if she never learned how to use a spoon and always scooped food with her hands, she'd still look cute doing it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's Best

When making cookie dough, it's best to have mullet hair :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Temple Grounds

Last Monday, before Aunt Effie got here, we went to walk the temple grounds with the Millers.  

Breckie just reached up and grabbed my hand as we were walking. Julia took some pictures of us and I LOVE them so much! 

Oh man, I love these two little kids like crazy!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stuffed Family

Sometimes Everett plays with his stuffed animal family. The other day he had arranged them all on the couch and then asked me to take a family picture. Isn't that the cutest thing??! I love it. 

Then he rearranged them and wanted another picture. Just like real family pictures, lol!!

Then he wanted all of us but this is the best we could do :)

I seriously think he's the sweetest kid!