Friday, July 31, 2015

Say Cheese…cake

The Cheesecake Factory had half off cheesecake for national cheesecake day. 

Everett ate two loves of bread while we were waiting for our food and asked for extra "jelly" (lol, butter) while Breckie spoon fed her zebra. 

(It cracks me up to think that Everett has never spread butter on anything! We buy butter but I guess we only use it to make cookies :)

And you better believe we ordered four pieces of cheesecake!

I have to say, it turned out to be a pretty tasty night. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Black Socks

Black socks
They never get dirty
The longer I wear them the stronger they get

Sometimes I wish I could wash them
But something keeps telling me:
Don't wash them yet
Not yet, not yet. 

Thanks to my sister (and middle school choir) I will never forget this song!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pioneer Day

For Pioneer Day we headed over to St. Johns where my Dad lives. 

We drove through the beautiful Salt River Canyon. 

(I'm pretty sure this picture sums me up quite nicely. I'm a nature, mountain, sun, and photography lover)

I remember stopping at the rest stop at the bottom of the canyon as a kid and I remember feeling like it was so hot that I was going to die… and now I make my family live in the same heat :)

We walked down the 28,545 stairs to take a better look at things. 

The canyon is beautiful but my favorite view was of Everett's dirty bum with his shirt tucked in his undies!

I realize that I'm slightly obsessed with scenery, but it's just so beautiful to me!

The closer we got the Show Low the more Jake said, "we need to buy a cabin here someday."

Kelly had gifts and clothes waiting for the kids… because that's what Grandma's do! 

5:18 Saturday morning Breckie was up and ready to play. Luckily my Dad saved the Legos from my childhood and brought them out for us to play with. The memory of me putting this motorhome together one Christmas morning is still very vivid in my mind and to see my kids play with it now was fun. 

Later, after pancakes and Spam (haha, I love my Dad) we went to the parade. 

This little guy on his little pony was just too cute!

I don't think anyone was sure how these guys ended up in the pioneer parade but they were still entertaining :)

(Always a good reminder)

Most of the floats threw candy but Everett was a little timid about snatching up the candy before someone else did so I made Jake go and help him… he's such a good dad. 

The theme for the parade was "Families are Forever" and this "float" was the best:
It was a truck with "families are forever" written on it and then each trailer said "and ever… and ever… and ever" written on it. We all had a good laugh.

At the end of the parade all the kids lined up for the fire truck to spray them:

The rest of the weekend included 4 kid movies in a row, 2 rounds of Ticket To Ride, red chili burritos, church, family BBQ, a few tears, and the ride home. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

As A Child

When Breckie asks me what she was like as a child, I will direct her to this post :)

You were a pretty good eater.

You played like this:

… and afterwards you pooped in that water. 

When you were letting me know you were going to do something naughty, you gave me this look:

Everything was a toy to you. 

And to get more speed on that salad spinner:

And even a better spin:

(I'm lucky she hasn't broken anything yet!)

You made the best faces.

Your best friend was a boy. 

You had terrible hair because your mom didn't know what to do with it:

You dressed yourself and idolized your brother (and wore his hand-me-down shirts to bed).

You were trouble sometimes…

 ..but you were an amazing sleeper (when we were home… NOT on vacation!)

Those were your two most favorite blankets.  (Your great-grandma made the checkered one about 35 years before you were born.) 

You were cool, hilarious, spunky, naughty, mischievous, and so much fun!