Thursday, July 30, 2009

I LOVE you Bridget!

My little sister turned 10 last night. Bridget has the BEST giggle in the entire world and I miss her so much. I have not seen her and the rest my family in Colorado for 1 year and 23 days. Last time we went to visit, I snapped these cute pictures of her.

Top 10 reasons why I love her so much:

1. I love that Bridget giggles like there is no tomorrow
2. That she sends me love notes via snail mail
3. Donated her hair to locks of love last year
4. That she plays the violin
5. Has the cutest pouty face in the entire world
6. Tells me she loves me all of the time
7. Is a girly girl
8. Agrees with me that Jake is cute
9. She has the tiniest arms and legs of any other 10 year old
10. And I LOVE that she is always thinking of others and shows her love so freely

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Blogs are kinda fun huh?! it looks like you are doing great and life is good! You little sister seems like such a sweetie:)