Thursday, July 23, 2009

My New Addiction

I have so many super things to write about. I have been meaning to unpack some boxes that contain childhood memories and scrapbooks. I finally got around to doing it after work today. I don't know how I ever lived without some of the things I unpacked. Jake and I moved two months ago and these things used to be on the top shelf of the closet in our old house. I looked at them sometimes, but not really. Then just this last weekend we went to my in-laws house and they gave us a big bin full of things they were keeping of Jake's to give him when he got married. We took it home but didn't dig though it. I fell in love with Jake all over again as I looked through his past. He is such a special guy and I know that I am his special lady because in all of his yearbooks, girls confess their love for him that he only realizes now that they adored him then. Then as I kept digging in my husbands past, I find many of his old football jerseys, dirtbike gloves, stuffed animals, plaques, awards, sports pictures, Christmas ornaments......just things I can never life without now. I started to think about all of his funny report card comments on how
he needs to "keep working on you reading" and "Read everyday this summer" from his teachers, and the 1st grade stories about Ninja turtles and dog bites....I can't imagine all of those families that lost everything in hurricane Katrina. I would feel as though my world and past would have disappeared and would be so heartbroken. And to think that the things in our house are just of Jake and I, I couldn't imagine losing all of my children's things and memories too. I am so grateful for the things and memories I have to cherish. It just makes me love him that much more!

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