Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Flippin' HOT

One of the things I don't miss that much about Utah was the heat. Our first place we lived in was so incredibly hot.We lived in the upper floor with no AC and it just boiled us alive. Well for about the past week, it has been so HOT and once again we are without AC.

To help with the heat, our friends invited us to the lake with them

Jake, Ezra, Mila, Nora, Vaughn, Ernie, and Michelle on the boat and Jake Surfing the wake
Today it took twice as long to get home in the heat. Something happened on the rail road tracks and no one could get across. I finally got home and needed to do some laundry, but who wants to turn on the dryer when their house is 93 degrees? So I improvised!
It is supposed to be really hot for the next two days too. I hardly sleep at night, but at least it doesn't last all summer like it did in Utah.

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