Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new adventure

So one of my childhood friends (Ashlee) has a blog that I stumbled upon one sleepless night about 4 months ago. I read her ENTIRE blog and she had so many heartwarming and inspiring stories that I immediately wanted one of my own! Through her blog she inspired me to be a better person....which may have never been her intention with her blog. Many of my other friends have blogs that they fill with GREAT pictures and stories of their families. I am not sure what will happen with mine, but it will be a great way for my mom and dad to keep tabs on me!

Last night I was talking to Jake about if we had a blog, what would he want the address to be.....Berninblog is what he came up with. You know, because our last name is Berner....but I guess my less witty choice won.

I hope everyone enjoys!

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