Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Things Funny

#1 Jake and I work together. He is an American Family Insurance Agent and I am his assistant. We have a customer who is always past due, so I dutifully call her and convince her to pay. Yesterday, I had to leave the office early... so Jake was taking her payment and the fact that we are husband and wife came up. She had no idea, and then says: "So if you get a CHUBBY for your secretary it's okay!" I would have died if I was there! ~enough said

#2 Our employee Jason is really into boats. He was talking about the new mastercraft something or other that has 451 horse power and how awesome it would be..... So I say (jokingly) "How can a boat have horse power if horses can't run on water" well the conversation died a little and then my most amazing & FUNNY husband shouts from his office "Its seahorse power babe." I love him!

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