Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It really only takes one push

Everyone has heard a crazy statistic about something weird at least once in their lives, but lately I have been wondering this: How many times (on average) does a person hit the cross walk button before the white man starts flashing? From personal experience, I would say about 7. I say 7 because you get to the button, press it about 3 times just to make sure it gets pressed. Then after about 25 seconds you press it 3 more times because the first 3 times must not have worked. About 10 seconds later you give it a long hard push and presto, the white man starts flashing. So we all know that it takes more than 1 push right? Well, in the office I sit in the CORNER with the CORNER window that over looks the stop light that's only purpose is to turn red when a pedestrian wants to cross. So this punk teenage girl walks by today and just presses the button and keeps walking in the same directions without any intentions of actually crossing the crosswalk. So with her 1 push the white man immediately starts flashing and all of the traffic comes to a halt for no good reason. And that my friends, is a piece of my mind.

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