Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garden Thieves

Jake and I have enjoyed going on evening walks lately...our bums are taking a break from the bike seats. Since we just moved 2 months ago, there are many undiscovered roads. There was a "for sale" sign with an arrow pointing up one of those undiscovered roads and we decided to take a gander. We saw some very nice and expensive places and kept walking and found what looked to be a parking lot for a park. As we walked past, we noticed that is was actually a public garden. I have wanted a garden for quite some time and this excited me. Out of curiosity we started wondering thought the garden plots. It was about 9 p.m. and slowly starting to get dark. This one plot had the most amazing flowers and the woman was still there tending her little garden heaven. I commented to her that her flower garden was beautiful. The three of us got lost in conversation and discovered that we actually live in the same housing development. Instant new friends! As we discussed how "unique" my name is, she admitted that her husbands name is Dylan (die-lan). An INSTANT BOND was formed between Dylan and I! We both have weird names!!! It was then that we either stayed and became mosquito bate or moved on... we said our good bye's. As we turned to go, she offered me some of her flowers that she had just cut. I was not going to say no, and ended up taking some of her beautiful flowers home with me. Jake and I looked like garden thieves as we walked home with fresh cut flowers in hand (at 9:47 p.m.). It is nice to know that you live by nice people...thanks Tanya and Dylan for making our home a more beautiful place!

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