Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekend Warrior

We had a crafty Tyrell weekend. I LOVE these weekends. This is what it looked like:

Dinner at Dukes on the water in Downtown Tacoma to celebrate 3 years of marriage

Finding a ridiculously good (orange) deal at the Goodwill and buying it for $22. I know what you are thinking, why would you buy a chair straight out of the 70's for your house. I liked it.

Incorporating the orange chair into your already blue pillow on orange chair, and an orange button sown onto the blue pillow on the bed. Then painting some "racing stripes" on the dresser. I think it looks great and brings more color into our home. Plus, the orange chair reminds me of both my dad (who is coming to visit me in 2 1/2 weeks) and my Papa.

Picking these flowers out of the garden to match

I love the orange chair.

Then we bought this old school croquet set at a garage sale for $5. I sense some backyard parties in the near future!

On Monday this past week I went to "grandma's" garden ("Grandma" being Jake's mom) and picked some of her raspberries while they were out of town. I also stole some Pectin from her because I know it is a key ingredient in raspberry jam, which I have been dying to learn how to make.


I am so pleased with myself. Then Sunday morning we went on a walk down the road to pick blackberries. 12 pounds of blackberries is what we picked. All into 1 grocery bag that dripped all of the way home! As we were picking the blackberries, which left huge scratches all over our hands are arms, Jake says to me "I know what you are thinking"

"What am I thinking?"

"That you wish you had your camera." That I was. I used to tease Jake that he never cooks anything, but lately he has been proving me wrong. When we got home from church he wanted to make blackberry cobbler and I didn't even help. I love him!

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