Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I didn't know all along

We have a beautiful flower garden along the edges of our lawn (at the house we rent). We have only lived here since June, so I had a few questions for the landlord (who left ZERO directions on how to care for them). I met her at the house today and she went over a few specifics. Apparently we have Rosemary, Thyme, Potatoes, Asparagus, blueberries, and beer hops growing in our yard. We have a peach tree (which I already knew about) and a pear tree (which I didn't know about) too. She gave me permission to plant anything else in the vacant space and to dig up anything I don't want. She is pretty cool. She taught me that when the roses on the bush die, you are supposed to cut them off right above the 5 leaf... leaf. I didn't know that. After she left I started cutting the dead rose buds off and found this little guy.
It was a really nice temperatured day out and thought I would do something that I have always wanted to do: go antique shopping in downtown Puyallup. I went into the first store and found a billion things that I wanted so bad, but they were just going to be eye candy...so I decided if they were still there some other time, I would have Jake (or my dad when he comes to visit) buy them for me. There was so much eye candy in the store that they had to kick me out (because they were closing). I continued to walk downtown but every store I wanted to go into was already closed, so I took a picture of the store I really wish I was in.

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  1. Okay, I've just spent my entire morning reading every single post on your blog and I've come to a few conclusions/memories. #1. We were good friends growing up because we are THE SAME PERSON and even when you l eft for an entire school year, somehow we'd still manage to pick up right where we left off, and i think it's because we'd been through the same things that year, just in different places. #2. Every post is one I have either written or thought about writing for example, the flowers and having a garden, I can't wait til we move to a place with a yard so I can plant one, the scooter, did you know we have a vespa scooter?, antiquing, the most clicked on link on craigslist for me is antiques, riding bikes with your husband, we totally rode bikes last night, we felt like little kids and kept saying "do you think our moms will be mad?". And our anniversary is on the exact same day, not to mention the whole taco bell thing which just cracks me up. I have just loved reading your posts and it's made me miss you and our summers together and the millions of popsicles we ate and the hundreds of miles we went on our bikes and our rollerblades. Some would say I wasted time reading so many blog posts this morning, I will say it was a great start to my day!!