Friday, September 25, 2009


Distance doesn't make the heart grow makes it depressed. A few months ago my Mom sent me some pictures of my family in Colorado. I was depressed because they are growing up so fast and I can't witness any of it. She sent me some more yesterday and I got a little more depressed.

This is my Grandma...(Mom's Mom). She is so beautiful. My Dad saw her a few months ago at a family funeral and he mentioned to me that she looked really good. It's true, she is a hottie! This is her on her birthday with her birthday pie.

And these three mugs are of my little siblings. Too bad they are growing up so fast and I can't even watch it.
Effie (the oldest) is a genius child and can read about a book a day.
Bridget is extremely giggly and is super fun to be around. She is a princess.
Braxton is a man child. He likes to tell tall tales over the phone and talk about tractors, mud, and dirt.
I miss you guys!

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  1. i keep going back to look at your stools. i love them. can you come help me make cushions for my chairs? i'll feed you guys. and make fudge. and anything else you want. and let you let my kids climb all over you. heck, you can have one of them. come see us. come help me. i need some of your craftiness. i need. new # 253-375-6099 help.