Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Remember how my Dad pruned the pear tree when he was here

Remember how I want a Garden next year

Remember that I am fascinated with fall

In the Evergreen state we recycle + the fact that Jake and I are never home = we use a bathroom trash can under our sink for kitchen garbage and still take it out before its full (so it doesn't stink)

Dad suggested that we start a compost pile. Compost pile + recycling = no trash anymore

I was inspecting our compost pile and next to it we had put the pear tree branches....the leaves dried now

They looked useful to me. Pear branches - dried leaves = naked branches..... that I bring inside to dry out a little

Last fall I dried pretty leaves and wondered what I would ever do with them

Pretty leaves + dried branches = really inexpensive fall decor. So I just hot glued the dried leaves to the dried branch and planted it in a glass full of sand. It looked awesome in the window as the sun was setting.

When Jake got home I wanted to gloat to him that I was so amazing for thinking this up. He looks at it and says "Wow did you get those leaves so flat? Did you iron them?"

I giggle hysterically inside because he thinks I went and cut a branch off of a tree and stuck it in the glass full of sand. "Babe, those are leaves I dried last year and that is the branch from the pear tree"

"Oh, I see, you hot glued them, Babe you are amazing. What a good idea!"

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  1. you ARE amazing. I'm so impressed with your crafty ideas. I also LOVE fall, so I might take a little inspiration, aka copy, your ideas!!