Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just thought you would want to know


I have a friend.....well a few friends, and we get together on Thursday nights to play games, watch movies, and eat. We all work for the same company (but in different offices) and besides that HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON.
We are a strange bunch and unlikely to be friends without our one commonality. But I would like to inform you that some of the best nights of my life are with these three women. Last Thursday I came home and I stunk (but Jake didn't know I stunk until I told him why...and then he understood).

You see, we decided to play games this last Thursday and I laughed so hard that I probably sweat a pound out of my armpits. (I am sure the other girls stunk too, but wouldn't admit it to the world like I am). Guys, I am being serious. I was laughing so hard that in the middle of one of my episodes I was actually wondering when I was going to be able to breathe again. That hard! My makeup was all over my face with tear streaks exposing my "real" I laughed, I cried. It was bliss.

You know when your stomach muscles hurt the next day, and so does your face, and you either laugh or smile when you think about....
Well, anyways, one of the girls said that even though she has known me for a couple of years, that I am still a mystery to her. So I thought I may be a mystery to you too and this is my attempt to clear some of those mysteries up:

I gag when I eat something with too much cheese on it
Favorite color is red
I would eat cereal for every meal if I could
I prefer to eat ice cream with a plastic spoon
My boobs are way too big for my own good
I think I was adopted because I am the only short person in my family
I am the youngest and middle child
Fall kicks Summer's butt
I wear flip flops to the office almost every day
I think high heels should only be worn at special events like church or a wedding....and work is not a special event
I read pretty slow
Okay really slow
I'm kidding
I really hate debates and therefore don't really like politics either
Can't seem to keep track of my cell phone so I am always missing calls
Favorite show as a kid and teenager was Unsolved Mysteries
I like to pick zits
I drive safe...sometimes too safe
My rock climbing shoes are way too small and that prevents me from going
I want to buy a house in downtown Puyallup as soon as we have everything else paid off
I am planning to have a garden next year
I get headaches when the sun is too bright
I am fascinated with checking the mail and sometimes it is the highlight of my day
I use coupons
I don't like to talk on the phone because you miss out on so many other expressions
I enjoy sitting on my front porch
The sound of the traffic doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others
I cheated on a 5th grade test and felt terrible for life
I had a crush on a boy for 5 years and then gave up
He asked me out a year later, and I decided I didn't even like him
Favorite time of the day is....I don't know what its called but it is right before the sun sets
I lived with my boyfriends family for 8 months while the rest of my family lived in a tent
I grew to love the Anderson's as if they were my own family
I really dislike to be around people with negative attitudes
Prefer blue, not grey skies
I liked Mr. Rogers (the guy that came on after sesame street)
I will save the other mysteries for another time


  1. Yes it's true I married a mysterious but amazing women.

  2. You're the best. I mean you busted out with the word "boob" in a blog post. I have to give you props.