Friday, September 18, 2009

Take My Word For It


NieNie's message is much better than mine would be today....because this is how I am feeling today:

We have a newer agent in our office building. He has passed rigorous interviews, 2 months of training, and has been an agent for about 2 months now. I have been asked to teach him a specific program that I understand very well. I have been asked because I am the only one in the office that uses this program everyday, and as a result I know a few more things than the others. I realize my own faults, personality kinks, and lack of patients. But this guy takes me to my Wits End. You could explain it 7 times and on the 8th, he still wouldn't get it.

I am being tested. I know I am. My patients, kindness, and personality have been taking daily beatings from these training sessions. And the worst part is that I am doing all of this because I know the most about what I am trying to teach him. I am volunteering. I don't have to do this.

But once I was new too....and someone had to teach me. They volunteered too. I am trying to pay it forward but I don't think it is working. I am discouraged, frustrated, and anxious for him to "get it".....

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