Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time on my hands


We are at the wonderful resort of Suncadia.

Right after we checked in, we went on a bike ride on one of the billions of paved trails they have and found the coolest playhouse in the world

I also spotted some things I wanted to come back for in the morning. We stayed up LATE last night watching Lost on netflix and this morning Jake happily went of to his breakfast meeting. I had the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. I found a plastic sack and re-traced our route from last night. I looked like the bag lady you would see in the city. I had two stuffed-to-the-handles grocery bags full of pine cones that I want to make a Christmas wreath out of. As I was biking back to my car I saw something else that I wanted but would have to come back for it too. I loaded my goods into the car and went back for more. The interior of the car looks a little ridiculous right now!


I still had 5 hours before Jake was out of his meeting so I finished a book that I have been trying to read all summer. A friend at work let me borrow "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. I was pre-warned that it was a tear-jerker but I went for it. It was a very good book (minus the unnecessary swear words) and I shed a tear or two at the end. I cried because I thought of my sister Montana and how awesome we used to be. Montana has raw natural talent at a number of things. She can sing, grow a garden, make FUNNY jokes, and she was smarter in high school than I ever will be. THE best memories I have growing up involve her. Some nights we would stay up laughing at the most random things....once I was talking to her about how I think bologna is spelled all wrong....BLOWNIE is how it should be spelled, we still bust a gut over that one. We played soccer together (I was left side, she was strong side). I am short, she is tall; I had short blond hair, she had long brown hair; I have to wear make-up, she is naturally beautiful; I am very busty, she is practically flat chested; I don't have hips, she has hips; I liked bikes, she liked roller blades; I am shy, she is not. We have always been opposite. I leaned on her for everything I wasn't because she was. I cried because sometime I am missing part of me.

Then I went on a 2 hour bike ride and thought of more thing: How beautiful it was out, how I could live on the back of a bike, how David Archuleta makes me think of April (my sister-in-law), how blessed I am, how deer jumping out of the bushes scares to poo out of me, I want one of those play houses, what character on Lost would Jake marry, how many children will be get to have, I have to pee, I love fall...

I also thought back to May 2006. Ameri (a good friend) was taking our engagement pictures and we went up to Sundance. We rolled up our pants and walked out into the freezing cold creek and took the most beautiful pictures. After about 10 pictures, an employee approached us and kindly let up know that we would need special permission to take engagement pictures there and would have to leave. Sadly we loaded up in Jake's Toyota Tacoma and headed for Vivian Park.

Me, "At least we got a few good ones before they kicked us out"

Jake, "Yeah, how many did we get Ameri?"

Ameri, "Uh, guys, I guess I didn't have any film in the camera yet"

My life without this blog was a lot like that camera without film. I was seeing and doing beautiful things, but I wasn't capturing any of those experiences before. I hope you enjoy this camera with film!

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