Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wild Donkey

This is a view of the back of my Dad's pants as he was building me one of my birthday presents today.

He is leaving tomorrow....which I would change if I could.

Today we went to Ikea to pick up another one of my birthday presents. I was fully aware that he would hate Ikea, and I even told him he would hate it. I WAS SO WRONG! He loved it and even has made possible arrangements to purchace or make some of the things he liked so much.

This is him about to take a picture of a super duper crazy awesome spider web, but he missed it because the sun went behind a cloud at the wrong moment, and never came out again
Tonight Jake and My Dad are watching Iron Man and eating Apple/Pear crisp that I just made....and we are about to play some cards.

Dad, I love you....and will miss you tons when you aren't here anymore.

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  1. It is so hard to live far away from parents. We are excited to hang out. Let us know when you guys are ready!