Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Words can be so funny

When we were at the lake, our friends son was swimming with us right on the shore (with his life jacket on). He was not all that comfortable being too far from the shore and at times would worry he was getting too far away. Jake and I would smile and just tell him to stand up and his feet would be able to touch the ground. He would extend his legs and this came out:
"I'm Chuching guys, I'm chuching. " Every time he said chuch we busted up laughing and still do whenever we need to say touch.

Some other friends were over Sunday night and we were trying to give their 3 year old daughter things to play with. We have some Magnetix and Jake asked our friends if she could play with magnets. They said yes and she said "Oh I love MAGGOTS!"

Then yesterday I asked Jake if he wanted to ride bikes up the road and pick some blackberries with me. "Sure, I go plick blackberries with you"

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