Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dream, Fruit Balls, & A Funny Story

Last night I dreamt that Jake bought me an American flag (on a stick) to put in the flag holder on our front porch. Too bad it was just a dream. Anyways.....

On our walk down to the fair last Saturday, we saw these:


Does anyone know what they are?
They were about the size of golf balls and were rough. I bit into one (Jake advised me not to, I could have died). It didn't really taste like anything and the inside was the same color as the outside. They were on a bush/tree right next to the cemetery.

While you are thinking about that, I have a funny story. (It's only funny if your name ISN'T Tyrell). Before we moved into this house we had comcast....but we are trying to save $ so we didn't pay to have it hooked up in our new house. So Saturday, right before spotting these mystery fruit balls, a very small sales woman knocked on our front door. Naturally, Jake answered. She was a door-to-door Comcast sales woman asking if a Tyrell Berner lived here. Jake kindly answers yes. (I can be seen from the front door, standing over the kitchen counter eating pizza).

"Oh, that's funny, I assumed you would be black" was her reply.

I roll my eyes and sigh as I walk to the front door. "I'm Tyrell"

"Oh, really?" as she glances back at Jake for approval

Jake nods and laughs, she looks at the ground, and then back to us and starts to try to sell our souls to the TV. It didn't work.

Everytime I tell a story like this, my mom always reminds me that my dad named me. I like my name. Reasons I like it:

1. people think Jake & Tyrell are gay men
2. aparently Tara, Carol, Terrell, Tarrel, Tyra and Cara sound just like Tyrell
3. when Jake called home to tell his parents he was 1. dating someone and 2. engaged (yes, all in the same conversation) his mom asks: "Is she white?"
4. where I get my name is always an ice breaker
5. Rell, Rellish, Ty, Monkey, punkin, turbo-tub, squirt, relly, T-rell, bigblevi, Smelly, T-rex, tyre (tire) ... are all variations of how my name can be pronounced

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  1. You crack me up. I love reading your blog. And your hair looks really good on you!