Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Safe To Say

That I'm a dork (a big one).

I get some magazines in the mail. My favorite one is Country Living. Country Living is my favorite one because sometimes it is so unrealistic that it just lets me dream. I tear those dreams out of their binding and put them in plastic sleeves.


I then place the dreams in binders. Two of the binders are cookbooks. The first is all of the sweet recipes that I tore out, and the other are real food recipes. The next is gardening stuff. This is the binder which lets me dream the most....of having a beautiful & huge garden out in the country with our farmhouse and barn out back. (Jakes dream would include a dirt bike track in that barn out back). Ironically some of my dreams contradict each other....like wanting to live in down town Puyallup and ride my bike everywhere/have a farmhouse and huge garden out in the country. Perhaps, this is why we call them dreams.

The next binder, the biggest one, has craft and decorating ideas that I ripped out and look through from time to time. The next is traveling dreams and vacations spots. The next contains health information and natural remedies. The caboose binder contains loose leaf paper and extra plastic sleeves.

These binders have always sat on top of this shelf. They were just the plain white binders until I decided to add a touch of Tyrell to them. Its just a pretty piece of scrap book paper cut and slid down to the end.

P.S. A Touch of Tyrell sounds like a good blog name!


  1. Hey Tyrell! It's Megan... (from girls night...) I LOVE this idea! I used to cut ideas out of magazines until I started getting the BHG special edition ones. Then I just wanted to cut the whole darn thing out, so I keep them in one piece in a magazine organizer. But I really think we should get to know one another better. I like you :) This post hits home. Totally. If you want to check my blog out send your email address to shopgirl18@gmail.com

  2. I think you should make "A touch of Tyrell" your blog name. It sounds sophisticated, and totally you.

  3. YOU are sooo creative, with such great ideas!