Friday, October 16, 2009

There Aren't Yellow Raincoats In Eternity

I first met my (potential) Uncle William when Aunt Kristy brought him to the annual Heap Family Reunion. We thought he was cool. When I say "We" I mean my sister Montana and my two cousins Raven and Ciara. We hung out all summer long and usually counted down the days until the reunion.

Well, potential Uncle William became my Uncle William and drives trucks for a living. One time he took Aunt Kristy with him on a long journey to Seattle. She came back with a really nice yellow raincoat. I was jealous.


I live near Seattle now. I don't have a really nice yellow raincoat. People in Seattle don't wear raincoats or use umbrellas (They are only sold to the tourists). You wouldn't be considered a true Seattlite if you gave into the weather. (Plus it would just be a pain to carry around an umbrella because on days like today, you would get WET regardless of what you were wearing or holding over your head.)

Plus, you get used to it. The weather is like this for the next few month....but it feels like eternity.
Wish me luck while I battle out eternity.


  1. The girl with the funny name's dadOctober 17, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    I would get a cool raincoat if I wanted one regardless if it was in "style" or not,,,,but I am just a tourist. YOU make your own fashion statement.

  2. Dad, you crack me up! Every jacket I own does have a hood though! Lately, the rain has reminded me of Arizona summers and the reunion. It makes me miss you tons!