Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This picture cracks me up for several reasons. I look ridiculous, my eyes....what is going on, my hair... is that a comb over, my smile....Its creepy.....


Anyways. My parents can vouch for me..... I have always had a really hard time swallowing pills. Until I was about 14, I begged my parents to buy the chewables. My dad wished I would grow up and would break the swallowables into pieces and told me to deal with it. I would put the pieces in my mouth and there they would sit until I could taste them. It became a mind game and I would only win half of the time.

Now that I am a big kid, I win about 95% of the time.

Did you know that prenatal vitamins come in two sizes: regular and horse. These horse pills are killing me. They say "don't eat plastic", but these pills are coated in plastic....its like the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

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