Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Had A Dream

I used to hate dreaming. I woke up so confused sometimes and I just didn't think it was fair that my mind could play tricks like that. But lately I have enjoyed my dreams. Two in particular.

For some reason I was at the store....pretty sure a grocery store, but you know how dreams can be.....and I was with my friends. There was a little boy in my cart. He wasn't an infant, he was more of a toddler. I remember taking him home and putting him down for a nap and just being so happy/proud that he was mine.

Then on Sunday night, I again dreamt of a little boy. He was smaller this time, but not an infant either. In my dream he said "mommy" for the first time and I have never felt that happy in my entire life. I was still dreaming, but for some reason I could feel that happiness in every inch of my body.

So, I don't need to wait for an ultrasound to start decorating. I have my answer. Then yesterday some friends stopped by the office and asked if we wanted their baby swing and bouncer they were about to give away. Of course I did, so I sent Jake out to fetch our presents... and they were green and blue!


  1. Thats Awesome! You know a mother always knows best when it comes to her kids. Even if he is still in your tummy!

  2. I love those stories! Can I just say that my bet's on a girl though?!! :)

  3. When my mom was pregnant with Dennis, she saw a little girl. So she thought Dennis was a girl. When she had Dennis, she realized she still had one more waiting.

    Before I was pregnant with Rylee, I always felt that I had a little boy coming, so when I became pregnant with Rylee we were excited, and thought she was going to be a boy. One day I was getting ready, and a little voice told me, "Just because you think you know what you are having, doesn't mean that is what you are having." It was at that point, I realized I was having a girl.

    You just might want to wait a little bit, before you start decorating. I am soo excited for you guys!!