Monday, November 16, 2009


Montana (my sister) is 15 months older than I......remember this in my following stories.

I was in 3rd grade when it became a REQUIREMENT that I wear a sports bra. My sister laughed and giggled because she was still in the training stage. A short time later we had this hilarious but embarrassing conversation:

"Hey Rell, is that hair under your arms?"
I lift up my arms...


"That's disgusting"

"You're disgusting"

"I bet if we put tape on it and rip it off really fast, the hair will come off. Lacy and I do it all of the time to our arms" She was talking about their forearms

"Do you have any tape?"

We rummaged through the house and found blue painters tape. We all know that the blue tape doesn't rip anything off, so we tried scotch tape, and then duct tape. Needless to say, she made me self conscious and from then on, I cupped one hand around my arm pit every time I had to raise the other in class.

When Montana was a Junior, she was still sporting the "A" when I walked into high school wearing over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, everyone would stare straight at my chest ....instead of looking at my face.

Now that everyone knows there is a bun in my oven, they look straight to my belly. For those of you that can't see it, here is what it looks like (through the dirty bathroom mirror):



Just to clarify, I am small but not tiny. I have never been tiny, so this bump is just the beginning. I have gained 2 pounds and I am 13 weeks. And YES, my pants are unbuttoned due to the fact that it hurts to button them! I have learned the "rubber band trick" from my dear girl friends.


  1. You are awesome. Thanks for the photo updates. You look beautiful! Keep them coming. And let's be honest, I bet your sister (and I for that matter) would trade your bigger than an A for our almost not even an A any day! :) How are you feeling? Are you sick and stuff?

  2. haha. That is a pretty funny story. Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate to the big chest when young thing. Then you have a few kids, and they are gone. (For me at least) I want to get pregnant again just to have them come back. :) haha.

  3. WAY Cute! I can't to see more! I have always had the 'A' size, so I loved being pregnant I was a big 'C' by the end. Now they are gone again...bummer! Glad you are doing well! Let me know if you need anything!