Friday, November 20, 2009

Things I Have Learned In My Youth


1. NEVER EVER EVER wear overalls camping. You WILL pee on the straps

2. NEVER EVER EVER tell your mom you are "bored." She will find some chores for you

3. Eating too much cookie dough WILL give you diarrhea

4. ALWAYS tell your Grandma you loved the gift she gave you... because someday you will cherish it. (Even if it is a jersey dress that says Kitten on the back...for your 18th birthday)

5. If you are going to be late....CALL YOUR MOM. She will FREAK OUT if you don't....She ran off the road, she died, she got kidnapped....all run through her mind and she will give you a piece of it when you get home

6. Bread dough is not made with just flour and water...that makes rocks

7. If your parents ask "do you want to go shopping with me" don't get your hopes up because they mean grocery shopping. You MIGHT get a doughnut

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