Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Is For You...Lisa/Mom

This last Saturday I went to the Christmas Bazaar with my friends...Lisa & Keri. I came ill-prepared with checks and plastics. No Cash. And it was practically a cash only event. So at the door, Lisa paid my entry fee....thanks mom.

Lisa is 28 and a new mother to her 7 (almost 8) month old daughter. She doesn't look 28. Maybe 26. So we are all walking around....three women and a stroller. We had lost Keri for a second, so Lisa and I stop at this "Meet the author" book signing for a local author of children's books. The books looked pretty cool to me, so we stopped.

The author asks Lisa what her daughter's name is and he then proceeds to insert her name into his story. Then he looks at me (wearing pig tails) and then looks back at Lisa and asks "Is this your other daughter?"


Do I really look that young? I was 17 when my little brother was born. When he and I would venture off in the grocery store together, everyone would compliment on how cute we were and ask how old he was ...... I would always let them know he was my brother. They probably thought I was lying then, but how do I still look a daughter. Soon I'll be a mother!

Oh, and the rest of the day I called Lisa "Mom."

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