Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Bakes

Oh, the no bake!


Do I have a story for you! Sunday night Jake was 2 hours away from visiting some families in our ward and decided he needed cookies or something to take. I rummaged through our cookbooks and everything that looked good...we didn't have the ingredients. All of our butter was frozen, we didn't have eggs, and our time was limited. Jake came up with the idea for no bakes.

I was VERY hesitant to make them.

Growing up, Montana and I would huddle in the kitchen and look through our 1 cookbook to find a treat to make our Dad. A single man of many years...he didn't get very many homemade treats....(except for when Sister Eagar brought over leftovers from a funeral or wedding). We always resorted to our no bake recipe card we got from our neighbor. We would fire up the 1970 stove top, pull out the cocoa from 1988, and put every ingredient in the pot. We would mix it just until it was all melted and spoon it out onto tin foil...

The two of us would gather around the cookies and watch as they didn't set up. When Dad got home he would eat one with a spoon. A spoon.

I didn't really see it that fitting for Jake to take a bowl full of no bake cookie soup to his families. But, I had nothing else to make. Its amazing what happens as you follow a real recipe....not one from your neighbor.

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  1. Hi Tyrell- love the shout out to my mom!! Congrats on your baby and your successful no bake cookies! ~ Janice