Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pretty Clever

When asked 'what I wanted for Christmas' from my in-laws, I replied "something homemade."

This is what we got:


Life's rich with Good & Plenty, every kiss a 100 Grand. He's your Big Hunk, She's your darling Sweet Tart. Sugar Babies hand in hand; Snickers, joy, and laughter are what you love the best. Take 5 and Look for a (movie tickets) for soon you will be rattled with no rest. A special gift just for you (Babies R Us) as days Rolo by....and left will seem like right. Skors of Whoppers you will be changing with Mounds both day and night. (this next part makes no sense because Pam made it up) Remember Mr Goodbar paid a visit. Those nerds, they saved the day. Milky Way is on the Horizon and Whatchamacallits on the way.

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