Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So I Have Heard

On Saturday we had a combined work party with some other agents. This is how it went:

While in conversation with another Amfam agent, he asks "how is pregnancy treating you?"

"Pretty good"

From the background, my eavesdropping husband shouts, "Tell him the truth"

"Okay, okay, I have been getting A LOT of heartburn"

Mars (the other Amfam agent) starts to laugh, a lot.

I just smile.

Then Mars finally says "you know that there is an old wives tale that the more heartburn you have, the hairier you baby will be." (You see, Mars is black and his daughters have a lot of very curly hair. His wife confirms that the wives tale is in fact, very true).

Everyone laughs. Even I laugh. Because Jake is a VERY hairy guy.

Then everyone entertains the idea that we will have a monkey child.... and that is how the night went.

1 comment:

  1. lol. you guys crack me up. I feel your pain. I had to get perscription heartburn medicine because the rolaids didn't do squat. Not too much longer and you'll be feeling good!