Thursday, December 17, 2009


Isn't someday great.
Someday I will get to stay home and watch Martha Stewart and HGTV all day long
Someday I will have a gigantic craft room
Someday I won't owe anyone any money
Someday we will have Christmas in a snowy cabin in the woods
Someday I will have a nice tan
Someday Jake will have a 12 car garage
Someday tights will be comfortable
Someday the temperature in church will be warm
Someday I won't be so shy
Someday Jake will come home at 3:00
Someday we will travel the world
Someday I will be able to call the credit card company to change my address and they
won't try to sell me something
Someday I will be fashionable and I will have BIG hair


  1. I like your some day. I will have big hair someday too. And a big craft room. And don't worry about the tights.... you can actually get maternity nylons. Check it out :)

  2. The old Creedance Clearwater Revival song say's "Someday" never comes. I hope in your case it does happen.