Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Days In A Row

I had a bad day yesterday.

A really bad one.

It was only so bad because I am overly sensitive.

What happened? I will tell you.

I went to my follow-up ultrasound Dr. visit and my doctor says "Oh, you wear the big panties now."

Big panties? Big panties? what was that supposed to mean?

I told one of my friends that would understand and she just busted up laughing. I would laugh too if they weren't my "big panties"

Then (at work) I was really mean to this guy that bugs me. I was really mean to him, but he really bugs me....bad. I spent the rest of the day upset with myself that I am so sensitive and mean. Doesn't make since that I know what it is like to be sensitive but still be mean to someone. But he really bugs me. (And he knows he bugs me).

Then I couldn't sleep last night because of these crazy nightmarish dreams I keep having. I have a feeling today might be a lot like yesterday.


On a more positive note, I made this for our wall the other day:

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