Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love You Forever

Remember Margaret? Well, for her 50th Birthday party, she asked that we would not bring a gift for her, but to bring a new children's book for her to donate to a charity.

I went out shopping for a new book and found this one. I have read and heard this book a billion times because my mom had it for my older brother. So I bought a copy for myself to read to our baby.....because I'll love him forever.


  1. thanks for the comment. she really is something else! what in the world did i do without her?!?!

    i LOVE this book. it's a staple at our house. congrats on a boy. i bet jake is beside himself.

  2. You are so adorable :) I LOVE that cute measure chart! BY the way... you know the coatneys? I'm pretty sure she is in my ward, it looks like her anyways. My daughter LOVES her, and won't go to nursery unless she is there haha.