Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Baby

First a girl. A year later, another girl. Finally in 1983 a boy. 1986 welcomes another girl. Then, two female dogs completed this family.

This was Jakes family. Then Pam found out she was unexpectedly expecting. Jake was old enough by now to want a boy to play with. He hoped and prayed this little baby would be a brother. The day of the delivery, 9 year old Jake waited patiently to find out if he was going to have a brother. As the news broke that it was another girl, he ran behind the trash can and cried....heartbroken that he did not get a brother. But there was still hope for this little lad, for his mother found she would be a mother of 6.

By now Jake knew it was another sister. He wouldn't hope for a boy this time.

This morning, the morning of our ultrasound, I made Jake promise me that he wouldn't hide behind the trash can and cry if it was a girl.

He promised.

He didn't cry. Not this time. The Berner name will carry on.....


  1. Congratulations! We are so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations, that is so exciting!!!!

  3. lol. I read your post to Chris, because it was his same sad story. He is the oldest, with three sisters. Sadly he was across the country when I had the ultrasound, and he was sad that Rylee wasn't a boy. Of course he wouldn't trade her for any boy ever, but he is crossing his fingers, that the next one we have will be that boy. If not, he'll be crying behind the garbage. lol. Congratulations to you both! We are soo happy. Let me know if you still want to borrow the slacks!

  4. We're so happy for you guys! Everyone needs a shadow! Now Jake has his in the making. I made Mike 3!!! Can't wait to meet the little man...