Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out There

When my mom is jealous of me, she teases me. She doesn't know that I know this about her, but I know. So when she calls me the other day and says "you really like to post pictures of your belly" I knew the underlying meaning of her phone call.

She is jealous of my belly. duh

Apparently back in the day it wasn't cool to show off your unborn child the way it's cool today.


So there you have it. 22 weeks. I probably look like I am 122 weeks but I have a short torso.....a really short one, so I have nowhere to go but don't judge. (you can judge the mess in the background if you want).


  1. You look so cute tyrell! Hope all is going well for you guys!

  2. Being short is rough during pregnancy,later in your pregnancy you will probably here "Are you having twins". People are stupid. By the way you look cute.

  3. Aww you look so adorable! Don't worry, I have the same short torso. It just means people help you more because they feel more sorry for you :) I milked it for all it was worth and got frequent back rubs hehe. Plus, you are all belly, and teeny everywhere else. So cute.

  4. You DO look soo cute! I carried the same way, out front with nowhere else to go! And, if you think that's a mess in the background, just wait!

  5. You are darling! Hope you both are doing well!

  6. Aww, so cute!! I have a really long torso, so I never got really big, plus Avery was teen tiny (only 5lb 15oz full term)so make sure you get all you can out of your big belly! I love it!