Friday, January 29, 2010

These Shoes Were Made For Walkin

And that's just what they'll Haiti


These shoes are special to me. It was the first gift Jake gave to me (besides the engagement ring/dirt bike combo). I got them for my birthday. I causally told him that I liked them a few months prior to my special day, and he remembered and delivered.

There was a girl from this area that was volunteering in Haiti before the earthquake. She died in the earthquake at the young age of 22. I couldn't imagine my life being over last year. So her dad works in Tacoma and is collecting shoes to send over to Haiti in her honor. I thought that these shoes would be good since they are special to me. They are a little worn, but they have love in them and I know someone will love them back.

If you have any shoes that want to give a little love (and you live in the area), let me know.


  1. YES! I would love to! You don't know how happy this will make Chris! You should post it on facebook with the details.I bet it would be an opportunity to gather up a lot of shoes!!