Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside Looking In


When I take a minute to step outside of my life and examine it, this is what I find:

I can't/don't like to cook/bake without a recipe. Even if I have made it a million time, I still want a recipe

I cut corners. Not all corners, just some. (especially when sewing.....I hate to iron things, so I don't)

I am indecisive.

I eat an entire box of Special K cereal in 4 mornings.

I get prematurely excited for change. When we move, I start packing way in advance.

I don't pretend to know things.

I forget to drink water on the weekends.

I am a fence sitter. I see the good and bad in everything and that makes it hard to take a side sometimes.

I dislike watching movies twice. I think it is because I think it is a waste of my time...but I am not 100% sure. Maybe because it is because there is no surprise in watching it again.

The grass is literally greener in Washington.....but the grass MUST still be greener in Utah/Arizona/Colorado.

I am musically challenged. (So is Jake. Our kids are doomed!)

I get embarrassed without spell check

I get irritated (and I wish I didn't) when Jake asks me "are you okay babe?" (silly I know) but it is usually when I don't have make up on... and then I start to think of things that aren't okay.....etc.

I like surprises

I'll let you know what else I find next time I go outside.

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  1. Hi Tyrell, I think you need to come decorate my house. In your pictures I get to see bits and pieces of your house and I love it! COme do mine!