Thursday, February 11, 2010

Requesting Reader Advice

When I was in the 7th grade, one of my smart friends gave me a Christmas gift. It was a blue sparkly key chain with the phrase "I'm not opinionated, I'm just always right" imprinted on it.

She told the story of how she was in the store and this key chain had my name all over it. She was much smarter than I....I didn't understand what it was saying until high school. Now that I understand, I proudly give the title to my madre.

She calls last night and starts the interrogation:

Are you eating your vegetables?
On Pizza!
Are you taking your vitamins?
Yes, everyday
Are you drinking orange juice?
No, it gives me heartburn
Ugh, RELL!
Are you signed up for any classes?
I go on to explain that they are just not feasible. They are around $100 and they run for 6 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8.
There is no way we could make that fit in right now and plus, I don't need any classes
What do you mean you don't need classes? You are going to get mad if something happens and no one told you about it.
Like pooping the table?
You won't poop the table!
Yes I will. Everyone does....they just don't tell you
I didn't poop the table
Yes you did. Everyone does
No rell, I didn't
I really didn't
Mom, I have friends and I read books
So there you have it. A conversation between two women that are always right. When any other mom would give a mom gives a suggestion backed up by a "you better do it... or else!"
So...... because I wish to skip the classes, I am requesting peer advise. If anyone can give me any advise at all, I would love it. Anything! Leave a comment or e-mail me.


  1. I Skipped the classes. My doctor said they're just so you won't freak out. It's just trial by fire Tyrell. No one will ever be able to explain what it's going to be like because every baby/delivery/pregnancy is different for everyone. The only thing that's the same is that it's just a HUGE adjustment to your life. You'll cry a lot the first month and then you'll get the hang of things :)

  2. I agree with the above comment. But you know me, I am an open book, and I will tell you things that you may not want to hear, but might happen! :) I am glad that you still hang out around me after all of the fun things that I have told you. You will be just fine!

  3. I went to one class, and it scared me by talking about all the forceps and other tools, that just might be needed, that was it for me. I found a doula who was getting certified and needed births on her charts, so she was free, and awesome. You should look around. She helped me deliver naturally and Brie is will cry tears of joy and tears of pain too!

  4. Ok, so I went to classes, and ended up getting mad at the teacher. (I think that the classes are MOSTLY to prepare your husband, and so that he will feel sorry for you and be nice to you... which helps.) But the teachers all have their own stupid opinions about everything, and hey, you know what you want. And when you are in labor you will know if you can handle it or if you want the medication. Not to mention your doctor is a smart woman and will be able to help you out during delivery. We will have a girls night and help answer any questions you might have :D From many opinionated women, to another :D