Monday, March 8, 2010

20 for $1

My pops is a coupon clipper. I am not sure if he has ever really made a shopping list... he will just cut out what is on sale and that's what he'll buy. I was always amused by his shopping technique and most of the time, I would benefit from going to the store with him.

If we just happened to walk down the cookie isle, and those pink and white frosted animal cookies were on sale...they would just jump in the cart! But my favorite was when Kool-aid was on sale 20 for $1. Montana and I would go wild.

One of the reasons Jake loves vacations so much is for the snacks. He LOVES snacks. We leave on Friday for our trip and the 18 hour plane ride allows lots of time to snack. We went to the store to get some snacks and when I saw the kool-aid I had to get some. It is so tasty!


I miss you Dad!

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