Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting There

3 Large suitcases, 2 bags, and a carry on followed us to the airport. Everything was going as planned until Jake showed security his flight tickets and passport. He forgot to sign his passport, so they asked to see his drivers licence. His drivers licence was safely tucked away at home. Luckily Jake is good looking....so we got passed that hurtle.

I got a window seat on the plane. Leaving the Great North West. A view from above the layer of clouds we live under. The sun coming down.



We had a 6 1/2 hour layover in LA, so two other couples (plus us) rented a minivan and ate some dinner. Just seeing the Cafe Rio sign made Daric slam on the brakes and flip a U-ie. After we ate, Ben announces he was so content with Cafe Ric that we could hop on the plane to go back home and he would be perfectly happy. Its that good. We toured a few locally owned stores (Just Kidding!) like Old Navy, REI, Borders, and Trader Joes before making our last stop at Pink Berry. Its a frozen yogurt/ice cream type of place. I had mango.

(Jake, fascinated with the size of our new home for the next 13 hours).

This picture just kills me!

There are some things in life we choose not to remember....this air plane ride was one of them.
I spent my entire Saturday and part of Sunday (time travel remember) sitting in one tiny little chair. As we flew higher and higher into the gaping distance between the USA and Australia....my body grew bigger and bigger. It swelled. I didn't find my ankles until Tuesday morning.


Oh man. We flew into Brisbane...or should I say BrisPAIN! This is where we meet our new friend, Australia Customs. This is where you have to say "Please please let me in...Please."

We wait in line for a long while until we meet this super nice lady who checks our passports and visas. Does my visa say I'm male....why YES IT DOES! We have to meet another nice lady who fixes the mistake.... because boys can't be pregnant. We were the last ones to make it through.

On a positive note, we didn't have to wait long to find out bags at the luggage claim! They were the only 3 bags circling round and around. Then you have to wait in another line so they can throw away anything they don't want you to bring into the country.... like fruit, nuts, jerky.....really anything they see fit. I packed chocolate chip Teddy Grahams to eat on the plane. He takes a look at them and I was doomed. He says out loud "Teddy Grahams" then he smiles and says....we call these Tiny Teddy's...and he let me keep them!

We find ourselves at the end of another line where we have to check our bags back in and then catch a shuttle.


We were stoked. WE WERE IN AUSTRALIA!!! It was warm and sticky out. On the shuttle ride over to another airport I saw a Heineken billboard that said "Some things aren't meant to be shared on blogs." Too bad my camera was hiding in my bag.

One last airplane ride to our temporary destination: Cairns Australia.

(The Great Barrier Reef)

There were 12 couples that made the trip....and 5 of us decided that we couldn't fly all of the way to Australia and not go snorkel the Barrier Reef. So we all booked the same trip. We get off of the plane, find our bags, and wait for the hotel shuttle. Soon enough we were at out Hotel.


We all showered and caught the bus into town. Rad. We were in Australia!


This was Jake looking at my "chesticles"........................... This is when he was caught!

After a night out on the town, we caught a taxi back to the hotel. We have a first timer here! It was my first taxi ride ever. $15 Australian dollars later we were back at the hotel trying out our underwater camera bags we bought at REI.

And that was Day #1....which lasted from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

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