Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet Dreams

These Australia posts are taking 2 hours to post every night.... 1,500 pictures to dig through on 2 cameras and so many stories to tell.

I need a break and I have some crazy dreams to tell you about anyways.

I use to never dream. I've heard it been said that you dream in the early hours of the morning (at least the dreams you can remember). Jake let me sleep in the other morning and this is what happened:

I gave birth to our son at the top of a roller coaster. It was easy. No pain.

Then at the bottom we tracked down a nurse who checked him out. She had this tool (kind of like at the jewelry store when they place it on the diamond and the light turns green if the diamond is real and red it its not). She put the tool up to his eyes and it lit up green. Then his ears and mouth. She touched it to his nose and the light turned pink.

I was so sad. (But it was kind of funny my mind would think up such a thing)

Then this morning I dreamt I gave birth to our son again.

And it was easy. No pain. He had a full head of dark brown hair and the softest skin. He had on blue striped jamies.

But our son was the only thing that came out. So I had to find a doctor to take everything else out. By the time I got into the doctor appointment, our baby was a toddler playing with fire trucks. Then the doctor sends me home and later tells me that there was a baby girl in all the matter she took out of me.

What all of this means? I will never know. Dreams are weird. But I do know that each time it was fast and easy....and our son it SO CUTE! (which scares me because it will probably be long and hard..... but I'm sure our son will still be cute).

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