Sunday, April 18, 2010

35 And Counting

I have never enjoyed seeing too much of anyone else's skin....especially stretched out skin. But for some reason I have mustered up enough guts to show off my ever growing belly.


Funny thing is...I always wished for an "outie"


  1. Oh you look so adorable! Pregnancy is crazy and amazing to me! But such a blessing :) Are you telling the name yet?

  2. Tyrel!! (it's Reese Will Hoffman's wife :) ) You look so great! Don't ever be shy to show off your tummy!!! and Don't worry, you may get an outie w/ the next one!! :) W/ Danica i had a HUGE HUGE outie, i mean it was like a volcano, according to :)It was so bad i would wear a band aid over it so it wouldn't pop out so much!!! lol But then with Daxon i didn't have one at all!!! So maybe w/ girls you get one and not w/ boys!! ;) who knows.. :) So maybe the next one!! :) anyways you look fantastic so excited for you! Congrats!! :)