Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coming Home

Monday morning...the start to our VERY long day.

*The oldest building in Sydney. It used to be right on the water/beach back in the day.

We went out walking around the Botanical Gardens behind the Opera House.



Such a beautiful city


Lots of spiders, birds, plants......and BATS!



Once we spent our last Australian $20 on 2 T-shirts, we went back to our hotel and checked out. We had to catch the 11:00 bus to the airport.
Well, we had to catch one of the 4 buses full of Amfam..ers and their luggage. About 1/2 of the convention left at 11 and the other 1/2 left at noon. Jake says that they didn't want to "put all of their eggs in one basket." Only the top 4 percent of the entire company made it to Sydney and they didn't want to risk it. Although they got an extra hour in Sydney.... the ones traveling to Seattle didn't land until 11 pm (and we landed at 3:30).


Sydney in the background. You can see the tower at the top.


This was me practicing being swollen on the plane. I really didn't want to get on the plane. I even thought about going into labor so we could stay a few more weeks.


You pretty much know the rest of the story. We catch the plane and stay awake for the next 13 hours. We land in LA were they discover I now have 2 visas. One male Tyrell and one Female Tyrell. They give us a hard time but ultimately let us back into our home country.

I have learned a few things on this trip. Trivial and important. Americans are rude compared to Australians. The American employees in the airports all hate their lives and therefor let you know. I couldn't believe how some of them treated another human being. (Even pregnant ones!)

Being pregnant didn't hinder my trip. Not once. We almost didn't go on the trip because we were nervous. Oh am I glad we went!

Australia is expensive

Their toilet are strange. They have two different flushing options. A 1/2 flush, and a whole one. Two different buttons. The whole flush is like a cyclone.... only use it when you need to!

They call their restrooms "toilets"

Their chicken tastes a lot different

Burger King is called Hungry Jacks

They really truly say G'day mate and No worries....all of the time.

Don't tip the server unless they are amazing. Because they don't work for tips, the service isn't that good. You practically have to BEG for more water. Beg I tell you.

We definitely want to go back. Next time we go, we will make pit stops in Fiji and New Zealand. (Next time might not be for 20 years).

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! I live in Melbourne, you'll have to visit next time!