Tuesday, April 6, 2010




I just want to be done. Making a baby is hard work. I feel like it should have been over by now.

It seems like I have been pregnant for ages.

I just want to see the product of all of this hard work. I still have a ways to go.


But then again....what do I do with a baby. I am terrified but overly anxious.

Today I'm exausted.

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  1. Hang in there, the end and the beginning will come :) And you will quickly figure out what to do with your sweet babe... it just comes naturally. Honestly, there isn't really any "way" or "thing" to know. I remember the end though. Lee always is the one to look at me, all fat and swollen, and say "you are pregnant FOREVER!" Like I need to be informed.... but your are so close :) If you need something to do just hollar, you are welcome to come over any time!