Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goodwill Good day

I went to the Goodwill today after my Dr. appointment. I thought I would celebrate a little. Our babe is doing well, he is even head down. So off to celebrate at the Goodwill I went.

I found the greatest thing for $3.


I didn't even know how great it was until I got it home. Its like a office organizer from the 70's but it is brand new. *I have no idea if it is from the 70's...just made that up. Once I got it home I discovered that the biggest part is deep enough to store the big scrapbook paper. Amazing.

I also found a toy for our baby-soon-to-be-toddler.


It was not as good of a deal...$4 but it had his name written all over it.....No Heidi, his name isn't going to be Tonka!

It was definitely a day of celebrations. Good news and good deals. With the good always comes the bad....

I forgot to put yeast in the bread dough I was making (isn't the first time) and I pulled an Austin Powers in the Dr.'s parking lot today. I decided that I could drive the truck today and let Jake take the car to work. You have to save gas on earth day! So I ended up getting stuck. Luckily a man was walking out of the Dr. office and I was going to ask him to park it for me.....turns out to be a familiar face and he was happy to help a severely bad parker park her truck. All is well.


  1. hahaha. I love it. Thanks for thinking of what my crazy mind would probably have thought! I am totally jealous of your goodwill finds. I think i need to go shopping there soon! Those were great finds!

  2. Nice to find another Goodwill junkie! My mother turned me into that store out of pure necessity when we were growing I just can't help myself :) Awsome organizer...