Monday, April 19, 2010

Letting Go

I'm at home today. I spent two days last week at home too. We are slowly "firing" me from the office.

It has actually been kind of hard.

When we first moved to Washington from Utah, I asked Jake if I could just be a homemaker and stay home. He had his own construction business that kept him busy and I was so new to the area and had no idea where anything was....and I just didn't want the stress of finding a new job.
Jake has always been 100% supportive and was totally okay with me just staying home. After a few months I was adjusted to the area and found a job. I worked there until I got a job with American Family. Then when Jake became an agent, I worked with him. For the last year and a half we have worked side by side....doing everything together. We get along so well and working together was not a big deal.

I always had a say in everything. We hired employees together...and fired employees together, trained employees together, changed the way we did things together, we ate lunch together.... He obviously is the agent and has the final say and knows WAY more than I do about everything, but he always asked my opinion. Now that I am not there everyday its kind of hard. The office runs well without me but its like letting someone else drive your car. I'm constantly wondering how well things are going. Eventually I will just let it all go. I mean, Jake HAS worked his other jobs without me!

I assume this is similar to your first child heading off to school. Letting someone else teach them and you not supervising them all day. Its good practice I guess. But for now....I miss this guy.

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  1. oh, it happens waaaayyy before they go to school. i remember the first time gavin started singing a song that i hadn't taught him. i cried. and made him sing it again. and then cried some more. i dread school. DREAD! on a good note, can't wait to meet your new baby!