Monday, April 5, 2010

So Many Stories

So many stories to tell. This weekend was awesome.

Story #1. WE GOT TV. Just in time for conference. Boo-yeah grandma! The install guy was there for 5 hours....apparently our house is hard to hook up. Jake and I re-arranged our whole house around getting TV. It looks pretty sweet.

Story #2. The Hunt.


The Easter Bunny hid new shampoo, hair gel, movie tickets, and lots of chocolate candy for Jake


I got plastic eggs with money (just coins!), chocolate, orange cadbury eggs, and 2 Webkinz.

Story #3. Webkinz. We were at Fred Meyer the other day and I saw these little stuffed animals on sale. Not only are the stuffed animals super cute, you enter the secret code they come with and you can play games know, kid games. My little sister-in-law got one a few years ago and she let me have her password so I could play the games online. I am a dork. Jake sneak attacked me and bought two for Easter. He hid the gorilla in a plant and the dog in the nursery.

This reminds me of another story

Story # 4. Trolls.

Once we were at a store with my dad. I saw some beautiful jewel bellied trolls. I expressed my deep interest in the trolls to my dad. I had a few at home who needed brothers and sisters....and I just wanted them! He did not buy them for me. I was bummed as we walked out to the car. We all got in the car and buckled up....oh wait, we never wore seat belts with Dad....anyways, he looks in the rear view mirror and sees my pout lips....oh wait, our car didn't have a rear view mirror either.... ANYWAYS, he says he forgot something and had to go back in the store.

I got those two trolls in my stocking that year!

Story #5. The Blue Sweater. About 2 months ago I was busting out of all of my clothes. I hadn't bought any maternity clothes at this point, just wearing big clothes. Jake finally granted me the wish of shopping online at old navy maternity. The blue sweater was on clearance so I bought it. When I eagerly ripped open the package and threw all of my new clothes at once, I discovered that the blue sweater was WAY TOO BIG. I told Jake that I might as well send it back because it will never fit.

Jake knew better and had me keep it. It fits. I wore it all weekend.

Story #6. Coloring Eggs.

I asked Jake if he would color eggs with me. He says "Um, sure, I guess. I've never colored eggs before." I thought he was kidding. He really hadn't ever colored eggs.



What? Is that TV in the background? I never knew I could be so stoked about such a thing!


These were my eggs. The white crayon didn't actually work that I ended up just doing colors and Jake made faces:


Mr. Berner's class of 2010 starting in the back row, left to right... An Alligator, Mr. Chicken, The Purple Ninja Turtle (Donatello), "Cracked-out" Easter Bunny, Two Face, and The Easter Bunny.

Then he asks if I would mind if he "wasted" an egg....


This guy has quite the imagination. I can't wait to see what his son comes up with!


I'm pretty sure he had a lot of fun coloring eggs for the first time.

Story #7. Conference

I am a spiritual person...I am just highly personal about my spiritual life. I don't really share things because they are personal.... I think you can understand. But we were completely spiritually uplifted this weekend and were happy to celebrate Easter.

Story #8. Meeting Jake

4 years ago was when Jake and I first met. What a magical time. Can you believe we have been married for 3 1/2 of those years! Click here for the story.

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  1. Haha, LOVE the easter eggs! And I am impressed that you guys didn't have a tv! Lee and I used to not have cable... but movies were always on hand. Cute blue sweater :) We actually recently found out we are expecting again and I'm always on the hunt for clearance maternity clothes.... since I get bigger than I expect to each time.