Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 Week

My due date is next Tuesday the 25th. For the last little while I have been thinking the 18th for some reason. Maybe I was just wishing the 18th was my due date....who knows, something might happen today!

About a week ago my rash disappeared. What a wonderful thing that was. But that also means that she won't induce me now until I am at least a week overdue. When she told me that, I expressed my deep deep desire to not have a June baby... to which she replies "Its VERY possible you might have a June baby."

I have been walking like there is no tomorrow. Hills even. Lots of them. I walked to my Dr. appointment last week. I've been walking everywhere. Still no baby.

But I've been busy.


It's not like the little guy needed another blanket or anything!


  1. Um, ok, so Dr Song is quickly becoming one of my un-favorite doctors. I think she should still induce you... if only for your poor stretch marks. She is making me mad too... so call me any time you wanna complain :)

  2. Last time my Dr. told me that not only walking, but sex encourages labor... but really at this point, who feels like doing that? But if things get desperate... :-)