Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Desk For Mother's Day

I got this chair at the goodwill last week....for a whopping $2.40 (not kidding!)


I didn't need it but it looked like it had potential. I spray painted it antique white. I didn't plan on the crackle, but it looks awesome.


I re-covered the seat with a new cushion and all. I had extra padding from our stools and found a nice fabric....


So what do you do with a nice new chair? Maybe you get a nice new sewing desk for mother's day to go with it!


I can't wait to be a mom. Maybe only a couple more day....maybe a couple more weeks, either way I feel like a mom already and it was nice to be treated as one on such a special day.

I definitely love my mom, grandma(s), and all of the other mothers in my life!

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