Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Okay With Being Wrong

The first rose bloom in our looks like twins!


My belly looks like twins too, but its just one big boy.

We're friends again. I mean, my Dr. and I.

Today she found I was dilated to a 3. I asked her how far I needed to be dilated to be considered in labor.... she said a 4.

It was Christmas inside of me. "So if I come in next week and I am at a 4, then what happens?"

"I'll send you over to labor and delivery."

"Really, that would be AMESOME!"

"So have you been having contractions?"

"Hmmmm, well I don't know if I would call them contractions, but every time he moves his head farther down it hurts really bad.... like someone hit me in the stomach and I can't breath for a second. I only feel it when he moves. Its like my body is telling him he's too big and won't fit."

She looks at the screen. She's looking at my 20 week ultrasound results.

"Well, you measured in the 50th percentile and you're measuring right on for your due date. To be honest, he probably weighs 8 or 9 pounds right now."

Christmas was suddenly over.

Scared & Sassy Tyrell came out and said: "Yeah, but my ultrasound was 20 weeks ago and my husband was a 10 pounder. What if he is too big?"

So she ordered me another ultrasound to see just how big he is. We'll find out in the morning!

I honestly hope I am totally wrong and he is only 7 pounds.


  1. Oooh my goodness! Well I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope your ultrasound gives you positive results :) So you know, Adelaide was a whoppin' 8 pounds 13 ounces of pure chub, and I did just fine. So don't stress too much!

  2. Hopefully the ultrasound goes good. Jaime was told that gavin was probably 9 or 10 pounds and he was only seven but he was really long so you never know. Don't let them scare you! Just think about holding your little man and it will all be worth it. Your strong you can do this!