Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th


"Hey babe, I know you won't know, but do you know what tomorrow is?" This is what I asked Jake last night.

He smiled big, leaned in, kissed me on the lips and replied:

"It's the day I asked you to marry me....4 years ago."


I am such a sap, but I still celebrate these things. Our love will never get old.

We decided to make a list of a dozen things we have learned about each other since then.
Jake's list of things he has learned about me:
Doesn't like the rain, but really likes the water
If she could live any place in the world it would be back in Utah
Doesn't like all of the hours I work....but sure does like the bacon
She likes plain food
Is happy dreaming over a Country Living magazine
Can craft like an 80 year old woman
She is very thrifty but likes nice things
Likes all things in moderation....She's chill
VERY INDECISIVE but impulsive (weird right)
Favorite food is whipped cream in a can
LOVES vacations
She's a tough girl
Thing I have learned about him:
Loves snacks. He would go on a road trip just for the snacks
Obsesses about work. Really obsesses
LOVES Garlic Jims pizza & Breyers ice cream and Popsicles
Likes nice cars (& trucks) well, anything motorized...including the lawnmower
Protective over me
Can't have enough toys and tools
Likes Les Schwab
Doesn't mind spending money on food. (a.k.a. steak)
He's gentle and sincere
Can't wait to be a dad
Dreams of a huge man cave someday


  1. I've been trying to comment on your last several posts. I'm glad it finally worked! You're beautiful pregnant! I think pregnant women really are gorgeous! Congrats on the 4 year mark. I totally celebrate that stuff too! Our engagement anniversary is May 30th. You know I have a plan! Good luck these last few days! Yay for the boy version of you coming into the world. He'll be so cool.

  2. You guys are just the cutest couple ever. And I mean that. Such a fun post!

  3. Hey.You probably don't remember me, but I used to be your neighbor back in Eagar, Arizona. My name is Tori Gleave. I was the same age as your sister and your brother Wes worked with my dad for a while. Anyways..I stumbled on your blog and thought I would say hi! Good luck with your upcoming baby!

  4. this is awesome, our 7th anniversary is monday, i think this would be a fun thing to do with steven! but, i love this, you two are the best!