Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Operation Red

Oh how I love my friends! Thanks for all of your comments and silent prayers on my behalf. My day of anticipation was quite uneventful (as for all things baby). Today I got to see the Dr.

In a nutshell, no baby. I was dilated to a 4 (really it was like a 3.75 whatever) but I haven't had any real big contractions. She said she will put me on the list. What list? The I need to have a baby.... so call me list. Basically the hospital will call me Friday night if they have an open room and I am still babyless.

Hopefully we won't even get to that point because she ruptured my membranes and tomorrow is a full moon. I am NOT superstitious but it gives me something to look forward to. The downside to my full moon plan is that everyone else will go into labor leaving all of the rooms on Friday full. If that happens.....please don't let that happen....I have an appointment for Tuesday JUNE freaking 1st.

But don't worry. I am working on something. Its called "Operation Red"


My all time favorite color is red and I love decorating with it. And that was all fine until I was home more often and the color is just not very calming and peaceful, like a home should be. So I am removing all of the red.


Its a lot of red to get rid of.... minus the red umbrella from outside. Plus, it's almost summer time and we need a change.


  1. I delivered on a full moon day/ night and ended up in an exam room that could only fit Jake and the doctor! It was crazy! Then they told me to sleep until they got an open room and they couldnt fit Brody in my room with me. Ohhh BOY! Good Luck Girl!

  2. Oh I think that is a splendid idea... removing the red I mean... since I am always up for a change around my house. And crossing my fingers that a full moon works its magic for you!